The PCPS Employee Wellness Program includes a team of health professionals who are dedicated to improving employee health and well being, while also reducing risk factors associated with the leading causes of death and disability. Healthy lifestyles are promoted through educational programs that identify health risks and encourage lifelong wellness of mind and body.

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Diabetes Classes

If you have a diagnosis of diabetes, we may be able to help. We offer education, labs and mentorship through our regularly scheduled CORE classes. Earn in-service points as you gain self-management education, receive free medications and supplies, get free health coaching and on-going support, and take free health screenings at one of our employee clinics.

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Health Clinics

We offer two employee health clinics with free services for Polk County Public Schools’ employees, retired employees, their spouses, and children on the Polk County Public Schools health plan, as well as retired employees and their dependents who are participants of the BCBS BlueMedicare Medicare Advantage Plan.