Teacher and School-Related Employee of the Year Nomination Tutorials

Deadline for Completion: September 13

Additional Support:

For questions or additional support contact Merissa Green, Public Relations and Recognitions Analyst: 457-4708 ext 830.

Tutorial for Principals

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Tutorial for Teacher Nominees

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Tutorial for School-Related Employee Nominees

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Video Submissions

Deadline for Submission: October 31

Your videos will be broadcast on PCSBtv and may be shown at the 2020 Awards ceremony. This video is a tribute to your nominees and a reflection of your school.

  1. Technical Guidelines:
    • The file should be an H.264 MP4 video.
    • Do not use music, but do use a microphone and minimize background noise.
    • Use a tripod.
    • Do not record in front of distracting backgrounds.

  2. Required elements to include in your video:
    • 5 second slate (graphic) featuring nominee name, category (Teacher or School-Related Employee) and school name
    • 5 seconds of black
    • A message from the principal or assistant principal
    • B-roll of your nominee working (include a variety of tasks)
    • Your finished video should have 5 extra seconds of video before your subject begins speaking (pre-roll), as well as 5 extra seconds at the end of the video before you cut to black (post-roll). Do not fade in or fade out your video; this will be done for you.

  3. Optional elements (strongly suggested):
    • Message(s) from co-workers
    • Message(s) from students (do not identify; must be cleared for media release)

  4. Contact your school’s ITV instructor for assistance. If your school does not have an ITV program, contact Jeremy Cobble, Multimedia Production Analyst : 457-4708 ext 841.

Teacher Examples

School-Related Employee Examples