Polk County Public Schools’ Title I-Part D initiatives support students who are neglected, delinquent or at-risk. Supplemental staff, resources and support are provided to facilities  specializing in providing services to these student populations through the Title I-Part D Grant.

Title I-Part D, Subpart 2, is funded through an annual Federal Entitlement Grant. The amount of funding received each year is determined by the annual count of students within the district residing in a residential neglected or delinquent facility during the 30-day count window.

Alignment with State Strategic Plan and Program Objectives

Objective 1 — Educational Achievement

  • Direct supplemental academic instruction is provided for at-risk students.
  • Access to supplemental online resources is provided for at-risk students.

Objective 2 — Transition

  • Transition specialists are dedicated to ensuring students successfully transition from residential facilities into traditional school attendance areas.
  • Supplemental materials and supplies are provided for activities related to the transition of students.

Objective 3 — Dropout Prevention Services

  • Transition specialists provide students assistance in accessing diploma track options as well as GED programs as identified through student needs assessments.

Objective 4 — Educator Quality

  • Professional development opportunities are provided to transition specialists to ensure educator quality through coordination with local programs.

Coordination with Title I-Part A

Title I-Part A (schoolwide programs) allocates funds to provide supplemental services to neglected and delinquent students at the Florida Baptist Children’s Home.