Title I - Part A

Title I-Part A, of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, provides additional funding for supplemental academic support to schools with a high percentage of poverty. The level of poverty is determined by the number of children in the schools receiving free or reduced‐price meals or direct certification data at schools with Community Eligibility Provision.

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Title I Project Application Plan

The school district develops a plan each year that is submitted to the Florida Department of Education to describe the resources that will be provided with these funds. Examples of support that may be provided include intervention teachers, supplemental classroom materials and equipment, professional development for teachers, parental involvement activities, after-school tutoring and summer programs. Information about this plan is available through the school district’s Federal Programs and Grants Management office. Parental input regarding this plan is solicited each year.

Please contact the Federal Programs and Grants Management office if you would like to see the plan or make suggestions or comments.

Schoolwide/School Improvement Plan

Title I schools develop a Title I Schoolwide/School Improvement Plan each year and include information in the plan about how their Title I funds will be used to support the academic program in the school. The plans are developed with input from school staff, parents, and the School Advisory Council. School Improvement Plans are available at each school site and on each school’s website. Translation services are available upon request.

Right to Know

All Title I schools are required to employ only highly qualified teachers and instructional paraprofessionals. You will be notified in writing if your child has been assigned or has been taught for more than four consecutive weeks by a teacher who has not met the “highly qualified” criteria.

In addition, you have the right to:

  • Know whether your child’s teacher(s) and/or paraprofessional(s) meet the state certification requirements for the grade levels and subject areas in which they provide instruction
  • Know whether a teacher and/or paraprofessional is teaching under emergency or other provisional status and state qualification or licensing criteria have been waived
  • Receive information on the qualifications of a teacher and/or paraprofessional, including the graduate certification or degree held by the teacher and/or paraprofessional, and the field of discipline of the certification or degree

If you would like to receive this information, please contact your child’s school.

Right to Know Letters

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that Polk County Public Schools will provide information to you regarding your child’s teacher and paraprofessional qualifications in a timely manner upon request.

Federal law allows you to obtain certain information about your child’s classroom teacher(s) and instructional assistants and paraprofessionals.

You have the right to request the following:

  • The teacher’s Florida certification area(s) and,
    • If the teacher is teaching infield or is qualified according to the District School Board of Polk County.
    • If the teacher has met state licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction.
    • If the teacher is teaching under temporary, emergency or other provisional status OR has been teaching for less than four years.
    • If a teacher has received a summative performance evaluation rating of unsatisfactory per s. 1012.34, F.S., Personnel evaluation procedures and criteria.
  • The instructional qualifications of any instructional paraprofessional who provides services to your child.

You will be notified in writing if your child has been assigned or has been taught four consecutive weeks or more by a teacher who does not meet applicable State certification or licensure requirements at the grade level and subject area in which the teacher has been assigned [ESSA 1111(g)(1)(B, 1111(h)(5)(D), and 1112(e)(1)(B)(ii)]. The information regarding the qualifications of your child’s teacher and/or classroom paraprofessionals may be obtained from your child’s principal.

In addition, your child’s school will provide information on the level of achievement of your child on state academic assessments.  This information will be available at your child’s school.

Please be assured that Polk County Public Schools is dedicated to providing your child(ren) a quality education.  If you would like to receive any of this information, please contact your child’s school.

El propósito de esta carta es para dejarle saber que las Escuelas del Condado de Polk le proveerán información a usted en relación a las calificaciones del/de la maestro/a y para-profesional/es de su hijo/a de manera oportuna si se solicita.La ley federal le permite a usted obtener cierta información acerca del/de la maestro/a de su hijo/a, asistentes de instrucción y para-profesionales.

Usted tiene el derecho a solicitar lo siguiente:

  • Las áreas decertificaciónde la Floridadel/de la maestro/a y,
    • Si el/la maestro/aestá enseñandoen sucampo o materia o si está calificado/ade acuerdo con laJuntadel Distrito Escolar delCondado dePolk.
    • Si el/la maestro/a ha cumplido con los criterios de la licencia estatal para los grados y las asignaturas en las que el/la maestro/a provee instrucción.
    • Si el/la maestro/a está enseñando bajo un estatus temporero, de emergencia u otro estatus provisional O ha estado enseñando por menos de cuatro años.
    • Si un maestro ha recibido una calificación insatisfactoria en la evaluación total de rendimiento de acuerdo al estatuto s. 1012.34, F.S., Procedimientos y Criterios de Evaluación del Personal.
  • Las calificaciones educativas de cualquier para-profesional que esté prestando servicio a su hijo/a.

Usted solamente será notificado por escrito si su hijo/a ha sido asignado/a o ha sido enseñado/a por cuatro semanas consecutivas o más por un/a maestro/a que no cumple con los requisitos estatales aplicables de certificación o licenciatura a nivel de grado y área de la materia a la cual el/la maestro/a ha sido asignado/a [ESSA 1111 (g) (1) (B, 1111 (h) (5) (D) y 1112 (e) (1) (B) (ii)] SI no, se puede obtener información sobre las calificaciones del/de la maestro/a de su hijo/a y / o sus para-profesionales del salón de clases del/de la directora/a de la escuela de su hijo/a.

Además, la escuela de su hijo/a le proveerá información acerca del nivel de logro de su hijo/a en las evaluaciones académicas estatales. Esta información estará disponible en la escuela de su hijo/a.

Tenga por seguro que las escuelas del Condado de Polk están dedicadas a proveer a sus hijos una educación de calidad. Si usted desea recibir cualquiera de esta información, favor de comunicarse con la escuela de su hijo/a.

Objektif lèt sa a se pou fè w konnen lekòl nan Depatman Polk la yo ap ba w enfòmasyon konsènan kalifikasyon pwofesè ak asistan pwofesè pitit ou san pèdi tan lè gen demann ki fèt pou sa.Lalwa federal ba w dwa pou jwenn yon seri enfòmasyon konsènan pwofesè ak asistan pwofesè k’ap bay pitit ou pen lenstriksyon.Ou gen dwa pou w mande enfòmasyon sa yo:

  • Nan ki branch pwofesè a gen sètifika nan Florid e,
    • Si pwofesè a ap anseye nan branch lan oswa si l kalifye dapre kritè Direksyon Jeneral Lekòl nan Depatman Polk la.
    • Si pwofesè a satisfè kondisyon pou l gen lisans pou klas ak pou matyè pwofesè a ap anseye a.
    • Si pwofesè a ap anseye anba sitiyasyon pwoviswa pou gnon ti tan ijans oswa anba lot stati pwovisyonel oubyen ap anseye pou mwens ke 4 lane.
    • Si yon pwofesè ta recevwa yon pèfomans somativ evaluasyon ki pa satisfè dapre s. 1012.34, F.S., Pèsonel evaluasyon ak kritè .
  • Kalifikasyon nenpòt asistan pwofesè k’ap bay pitit ou sèvis.


Yo pral ekriw Selman e notifiyew si pitit ou wa te asiyen oswa si ke li te instrwi pandan 4 semèn konsekutiv, oplus pa yon pwofesè ki pa o nivo Sètifikasyon Leta mande a oubyen obligasyon lisansye a chak nivo ak klas matyè ke pwofesè a te asiyen an. [ESSA 1111(g)(1)(B, 1111(h)(5)(D), ak 1112(e)(1)(B)(ii)]. Si non, infòmasyon konsènan kalifikasyon de pwofesè pitit ou wa /oswa parapwofesyonel klas la, ou kap jwen infòmasyon sa yo nan biro direktè lekòl la l.

Anplis, lekòl pitit ou ap bay enfòmasyon sou nivo siksè pitit ou nan egzamen leta yo. Enfòmasyon sa a ap disponib nan lekòl pitit ou a.

Tanpri rasire w lekòl nan Depatman Polk la yo dedye yo nan bay pitit ou yon edikasyon kalite. Si w ta renmen resevwa nenpòt nan enfòmasyon sa yo, tanpri ekri lekòl pitit ou a pou w mande sa.


Elementary and Secondary Education Act

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, provides benefits to private school students, teachers and parents, including those in religiously affiliated schools. Private school administrators are invited to an annual meeting to explore possible Federal Grants services in the areas of Title I (Education of the Disadvantaged), Title II (Professional Development services), Title III (ESOL), Title IV (21st Century), and Title X (Homelessness).

Under Title I, the district is required to provide to eligible private school children, their teachers, and their families Title I services or other benefits that are equitable to those provided to eligible public school children, their teachers, and their families.

Private schools that are 501(c)(3), nonprofit organizations may complete an Intent to Participate Form to take part in private school services offered by the district. Community outreach letters are distributed via certified mail to all private schools in Polk County in January of each year to participate the following school year.

EduData Portal

The department is pleased to announce the release of the 2018-19 School, District and State Report Cards in the EduData Portal. These report cards serve as a valuable resource for parents, educators and stakeholders by offering greater transparency into how Florida’s districts and schools are doing with regard to student achievement and success.

The 2018-19 Report Cards not only provide the 2018-19 performance data, but also contain several new features including a State Report Card; educator qualifications and equity; per-pupil expenditures; and national data. The department will continue to update information in the report cards as new data become available, as well as develop new enhancements based on user feedback received through the portal. News and updates about ongoing enhancements will be provided to those who subscribe through the portal.