Bring Your Own Device, also know as BYOD, is an initiative of Polk County Public Schools to encourage students to bring their mobile device to school and connect it to the school’s network.

This initiative will help Polk County Public Schools adopt digital content for the classroom. Currently all high schools and some middle and elementary schools are ready for students to bring their own device. Please contact your school with any questions.

Important Documents

Parent/Student Agreement Form

BYOD Implementation Process Website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Student FAQs

I have my device with me in class. How do I get on the internet now?

All students will need to know their POLK-FL network username and password. (Please note that elementary students do not have network credentials at this time. Only middle and high school students can use this option.) This is referred to as your POLK-FL credentials. To obtain this information, please ask your teacher to provide this information to you. When connecting, you will enter your credentials as follows:

At schools  with Aerohive access points:

  • Device wireless must be turned on
  • View/detect available wireless networks
  • Join PCSB Guest (A browser window should automatically open for you to enter your POLK-FL network credentials. If one does not, please open your browser of choice to enter this information.)

Answer for schools with Proxim access points:

  • Not all devices connect to the Proxim access points. To connect to the Proxim access points, choose the PCSB-B-G wireless network from the list of available wireless networks and enter your POLK-FL network credentials. If your device is not supported it will fail to connect to the wireless system.
Why is content filtering necessary on my personal device?

Filtering is required by federal law of all public schools. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all network access to be filtered, regardless of the tool you use to access it while in a public school.

Does the Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) apply to my own personal device?

Yes. The Acceptable Use Policy for Polk County Public Schools remains in effect even when you are using your own device. Violating the terms of the AUP would be a student Code of Conduct violation and would be dealt with as such.

Will my grade be affected if I do not have my own device?

No. Devices are not required, therefore your grade cannot be affected.

Parent FAQs

Will my child have access to the same educational applications available on school district equipment?

Your child will have access to any web-based application the school currently uses (databases, library search tools etc.).

As a parent, am I required to add additional software (virus protection, filter, tracking device, etc.) to my child’s device?

No. Virus protection is always advised, but not required. While on the school network, students will be monitored through the school district’s filter.

If my child’s device is stolen or damaged while at school, what should I do?

The school district is not responsible for any damage or theft of student-owned devices. Theft or vandalism of any kind should be reported immediately to the School Resource Officer (SRO) on campus so he/she can take the appropriate steps.

Will my child have access to communication tools such as email or message boards while on the school’s network?

Yes. Students will have access to district-provided tools.

Where are the District Technology Policies located? → Community → Policies, Procedures and Forms → Technology Policies

Teacher FAQs

Some of my students cannot access the network on their device. What should I do?

Students can refer to the owner’s manual for their device. The help desk only supports district-owned devices.

I have students on my campus who are accessing the internet using their provider’s data plan (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon etc.) on their smart phones or laptops, hence bypassing the filter. Is this a violation of the student AUP?

Yes. This is an AUP violation. Students must sign-in through the school network.

Will students need to download any programs onto their personal device?

No. All applications used should be web-based and accessible from anywhere.

What should I do if a student’s device is stolen while on campus?

Theft issues should be handled as you normally would on your campus. The school district  is not responsible for any damage or theft of student owned technology tools.