What is SEDNET?

SEDNET is a network of 19 regional projects that are comprised of the major child-serving agencies, community-based service providers, students, and their families. Local school districts serve as fiscal agents for each regional project. Within this framework, SEDNET focuses on developing interagency collaboration and sustaining partnerships among professionals and families in the education, mental health, substance abuse, child welfare and juvenile justice systems, serving children and youth with and at-risk of emotional/behavioral disabilities (E/BD).

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In 2010, the SEDNET Administration project was added, and it provides technical assistance and support in building service capacity within the 19 regional projects and collaborates in the related state-level activities impacting the system of care. It is located at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

Florida’s statewide network of SEDNET projects serve as a collaborative resource for school districts, agencies and families working to promote positive educational and community-based outcomes for children with E/BD.

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