PCPS Open Enrollment Information

Open enrollment for priority consideration for Cambridge AICE, career academies, IB, magnet and choice programs closed February 18. However, paper applications will continue to be accepted for these programs. For more information, select a program below.

Cambridge AICE

This challenging international curriculum emphasizes broad and balanced study that requires an in-depth understanding of subjects. Students develop critical reasoning, research, teamwork and argumentation skills and are able to tailor their studies to their interests, abilities and future goals.

Career Academies

These small, personalized learning communities within a middle or high school focus on a specific field of study, such as health sciences, business, or aerospace. Many PCPS career academies have received national certification and offer students the option to earn college credit or industry certification.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

IB is a demanding academic program through which students earn college credits and develop the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed at the postsecondary level. IB is available at the elementary-, middle- and high-school levels.


Magnet and choice schools offer unique themes designed to provide a rigorous academic program focused around specific areas of student interest, such as the arts, International Baccalaureate or STEM.

Controlled Open Enrollment Information:

Parents of students throughout Florida have additional enrollment options available to them through a process called “controlled open enrollment.”

Controlled open enrollment will begin in April when schools are identified that have not reached their capacity and still have seats available.

Controlled Open Enrollment Details

Controlled open enrollment was established by the Florida legislature and allows students to request a transfer to another school besides their zoned school, including transfers to public schools in surrounding counties.

Parents can seek enrollment for their children in these schools with available seats. The goal is to promote and encourage parental involvement and ensure students have access to a school that meets their needs.

Please be advised that schools not available during controlled open enrollment include:

  • Magnet Schools
  • Choice Schools
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Cambridge AICE
  • Career Academies

For more information about Controlled Open Enrollment visit polkschoolsfl.com/transfer.

School Options

Did you know Polk County Public Schools has five preschool programs, two adult schools and two technical colleges? We do! Did you know our school district includes five Florida Arts Model Schools and more than 20 nationally certified workforce academies? It’s true! Polk County Public Schools encompasses more than 150 school sites, offering programs for learners of all ages, abilities and aspirations.

School Options by Grade Level

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