Typing of the Ghosts: race with the clock while learning how to type

Interactive Sites: have fun learning how to type

Dance Mat Typing: a fun way to learn touch typing

Typing Games (Typing Race, Type for Your Life)

Language Arts/ESL

PBS No-nonsense Grammar: commonly taught grammar principles for elementary & middle schoolers

English Media Lab: interactive Fun English games and puzzles for a more enjoyable learning experience

Fun English Games: fun grammar games for kids

Interactive Sites for Education: English Language Arts topics

LearnEnglish Kids: practice your English with word order games and race to write the correct sentence

Sheppard Software: Language Arts Games: fun word puzzles and games

ESLTowers: self-study and interactive grammar exercises for learners of English

Topmarks: grammar games

Quill: free tools to help your children better writers


Brain Genie: builds deep mastery and sharpens problem-solving skills – free registration required

Lure of the Labyrinth: math learning games – upper elementary/middle/high

Online Math Learning: free online math games – ads exist in many of the games

Sumdog: math games that make learning fun – free parent registration required

Math Playground: math learning games – ads exist in many of the games

Fun Brain: math arcade

PBS Kids: math games

IXL: math practice, grades pre-K thru 12

Interactive Sites: math practice games for elementary students

Arcade Academics: free multiplayer math games

Math Simulations: interactive simulations from the University of Colorado

Maths Frame: more than 200 interactive math games (elementary)

Scholastic: one-session interactive learning activities

Cool Math: an amusement park of math, games and more

Khan Academy: a personalized learning resource for all ages K-12


E-Learning for Kids: 213 free digital science lessons free site where kids can learn coding as a part of computer science

Science Kids: fun science games for kids while learning more about science and technology

Interactive Sites: learn about science with interactive games and puzzles

PBS Kids Science: have fun learning about science while playing games science games for kids

Physics Games: online physics-based games for middle school students

National Geographic for Kids: explore the world through magazines, books, apps, games, videos and events

Discovery Kids: interactive games and apps for learning about science

Museum of Natural History: collection of articles, videos, news and more

Inner Body: discover what you want to know about the human anatomy with hundreds of interactive anatomy pictures and more

Interactive Simulations: simulations to help you learn about physics, biology, chemistry and earth science

PBS Videos: explore science topics with PBS videos

NASA Kids’ Club: fun activities and videos for students to learn more about science

Khan Academy: a personalized learning resource for all ages K-12


Quill: free writing activities for middle and high school students

Story Jumper: #1 rated site for making story books

Comic Strip Maker: create your own ‘comix’ strip – it’s easy and fun

Bookemon Online eBook Creator: create eBooks in 3 easy steps

Write Comics: create your own comic strip

We are Teachers: several FREE, awesome apps for writing

readwritethink: interactive tools that help students organize their thoughts

Fun English Games: fun writing games for kids

Essay Punch: an interactive essay writing tutorial