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Attendance Policy

For additional information regarding our Attendance Policy, please visit our Attendance page.

Bullying Policy

Comprehensive Health Education

  • Mental and Emotional Health Education (View Plan)
  • Substance Use and Abuse Health Education (View Plan)
  • Child Trafficking Prevention Education (View Plan)

View the FLDOE Comprehensive Health Education web page for more information concerning health and prevention education.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides rules and regulations to govern student behavior during school, en route to and from school, and at school-related events. It also outlines actions that interfere with school programs and/or are prohibited by state law.

Forms included in Code of Conduct:

Dress Code and Uniform Information

Please visit our Dress Code web page for more information on the district’s dress code for students.


Please visit our Enrollment web page for more information on how to enroll in a Polk County public school.

Home Education

For additional information regarding Home Education, please visit our Home Education page.

Medical Forms and Procedures

School Board Policies

The School Board of Polk County determines and adopts lawful policies and programs that are deemed necessary for the efficient operation and general improvement of the school district. The School Board also adopts rules and regulations to supplement those prescribed by the State Board of Education that will contribute to an orderly and efficient operation of the school district.

View School Board Policies

Student Progression Plan

The Student Progression Plan for Polk County Public Schools presents the School Board rule and administrative procedures required for implementing state legislative and local School Board pupil progression requirements. Specific criteria have been set in the Student Progression Plan. The plan is designed to indicate what actions will be taken during the school year to assist the student. Particular emphasis is placed upon the pupil’s mastery of basic skills before he/she is promoted.

Technology Division Related Policies


Link Title
1281 Use of Employee’s Personal Property at School
2520 Instructional Materials and Equipment
2540 Audio Visual Use
32814281 Use of Employee’s Personal Property at School
5136 Personal Communication Devices
5513 Care of School Property
7310 Disposition of Surplus Property
7320 Acquisition, Removal, Disposal, Sale, or Exchange of Major Tangible Property
7450 Property Inventory
7530 Lending of Board-Owned Equipment
7530.01 Wireless Communication Allowance and Staff Use of Wireless Communications Devices
7540 Computer Technology and Networks
7540.01 Technology Privacy
7540.02 District Web Content
7540.03 Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety
7540.04 Staff Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety
7540.05 Electronic Mail
7542 Access to Technology Resources from Personal Communication Devices
7543 Utilization of Remote Access to the District’s Network
8310 Public Records
8315 Information Management
8320 Records Management
8330 Student Records