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The Personnel Department provides the following services: compensation, processing and tracking of all actions related to personnel, maintenance of District personnel records, District reappointment processes, district job descriptions, temporary duty applications, extended contracts, and verification of employment for current and former employees.

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What level am I being paid on?

This information can be found on the Staff Portal under Payroll Info.

Where should LOA paperwork be sent?

Risk Management – Attention: Connie Bias, Route E

Where do I send my transcripts?

You can submit them:

  • electronically to credentialreview@polk‐
  • by mail to Human Resource Service,
    Attention: Certification, P O Box 391,
    Bartow, FL 33831
  • in person
  • through the courier

What is my pay?

Please contact the payroll secretary at your school or department to look on your basic pay screen or you may contact Human Resource Services, Personnel Department at 863‐534‐0781.  Payroll information is also available on the Staff Portal.

Have you received my related experience?

Contact Human Resource Services,
Personnel Department at 863‐534‐0781.

When trying to log into their application it says their social is already being used, what do they do?

Means he/she already has an application on file. For assistance contact Human Resource Services at 863‐534‐0781

Can I change my NEO date?

Contact Human Resource Services at 863‐534‐0871

Do Provisional Subs get same Holiday Pay as teachers?

Provisional Subs are paid based on a 196 day schedule.

How much more is the Master Degree on my annual salary?

This is a negotiated item. Currently a Master Degree Supplement for a teacher position is $2,181 annually

How do I get permission to take the day off before a holiday?

The CBA directs that only emergencies may be considered for absence before a holiday. Teacher’s must submit their request to their Principal who in turn submits to the Senior Director of Human Resource Services for approval.

What are the pay grades that go with the titles of the paras?

This information can be found on the website.

If I have a question regarding the amount paid on my check?

Contact Human Resource Services Personnel Department at 863‐534‐0781

How much additional pay will a teacher at a TOP school receive?

The amount per year is listed on the agreement signed by each TOP school teacher. Should further clarification be needed please contact Human Resource Services at 863‐534‐0781

When can I start work, how long will it take for the finger prints and drug test results to clear?

A new hire or a transfer may not start work or begin at new location until school receives a start date from Human Resource Services.

Must I have the physical and NEO completed before I start work

Yes, both are pre‐employment requirements and start date cannot be issued until completed.

Do not have a checking acct., must I have one before I start work

No, an employee does not have to have a checking account before he/she can begin work with the District. Additional information may be obtained by calling the Payroll Department at 863‐534‐0534.

When does the insurance start

Insurance is effective the month of your 90th day of employment.

What to do when trying to put in an application on line and get a message that I already have an application on line?

Contact the HELP Desk at 863‐519‐8040 or Human Resource Services at 863‐534‐0781 for assistance

Will having 2 last names effect my insurance or payroll?

No, both are tied to your social security number.

How much is my annual salary?

This information can be found on the Staff Portal under Payroll Info.

Who do I contact for Sick Leave Bank?

Human Resource Services

Who do I contact regarding an employment verification?

Human Resource Services, Personnel Department

Have you received my transcripts?

Bachelor transcripts for employment eligibility as a teacher are requested electronically by Certification through DOE.

When do I become eligible for a regular Teaching position?

Once all certification requirements have been submitted to Human Resource Services and are cleared by the Certification Department. You will receive notification once cleared. Any questions regarding this process please contact the Certification office in Human Resource Services at 863‐534‐0781.

Regarding Provisional Subs: What benefits do I have? Do I get FRS? Do I get paid on the holidays?

Provision Subs receive: FRS, Insurance effective the month of their 90th day of employment, and earn sick leave at 1 day per month of employment. Maximum per school year, if worked the entire year is 10 days.

Who contacts me and how with the start date?

The administrator or designee from the location you have been hired.

When do I get a start date?

After all pre‐employment requirements have been met.

If a job advertisement has expired can a person apply for that position if it’s still advertised?

The system may allow you to apply after the advertisement has closed; however, you will not be considered for an interview if after the closing date. If the advertisement is extended due to not having enough applicants then it will be considered.

Why can’t I apply for a specific job?

It could be based on answers to questions on your on‐line application.  It is important that your application be updated with the most current information. Contact Human Resource Services for assistance 863‐534‐0781.

Why haven’t I been hired?

There could be a variety of reasons as to why a hire hasn’t been finalized. Please either call the school’s Principal Secretary or your Personnel Assistant in Human Resource Services at 863‐534‐0781 for assistance.

How long will the pre‐employment process take?

The process can vary depending on results of drug testing and finger prints. Average time to receive results is approximately 3 working days. There are also pre‐employment items that the candidate is responsible for completing, which will also vary the process time.

What salary level will I be paid on with my related experience?

Related experience is compensated once the original verification of experience form has been received in Human Resource Services. For Union positions this is explained in each Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) e.g., year for year, 2 years for 1 year. Non‐union position levels do not equate years; however, the experience must be equivalent to the position hired in to be considered for compensation above base.

Why can’t I apply for a teacher position when I have the qualifications?

This is a question that may have to be answered on a case‐by‐case basis. Please contact Human Resource Services at 863‐534‐0781 for assistance.

How do I apply?

Using the District’s on‐line system found at our website

What is my starting salary?

All employees are initially hired at the base annual salary which can be found on the PCSB website keyword: salary information whether a union or non‐union position. Adjustments to salary will be made upon receipt of the original verification of employment form.

Why do I need my Social Security Card/Number if I have a passport?

An employee’s earnings must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service and Social Security Administration using the employee’s social security number.  In addition, an employee’s earnings must be reported under the name exactly as it on their social security card i.e., last, first, middle.

How long will the GAMA process take?

About 30 minutes