The 2022 online scholarship application, for awards administered by the Polk Education Foundation (PEF), is now open! It will close on Monday, February 14, at noon.

Scholarships administered by the PEF are made possible by the generosity of donors from our community. They set their own criteria, and, some will make recipient selections themselves after applications are screened in the PEF office.
A huge thank you to all the donors that make this scholarship program possible!

Please look at the list linked below if you are looking for a particular scholarship.
The list starts with the scholarships offered to all high schools countywide, then lists those available only at the specific school noted.


You should review this list before you begin. Please note not all schools have individual donors, so a list is not shown for all schools, students from those schools will apply for awards shown in the “Countywide” section only.


Minimum qualifications for seniors from Polk County public or charter high schools to apply:

  1. Be on track to graduate having passed both the FSA Reading and Algebra I or Geometry EOC. The concordant scores below are accepted:

For the Algebra 1 or Geometry EOC, seniors could earn a concordant score of:

  • PERT Math 97
  • ACT Math 16
  • SAT Math 420
  • PSAT Math 430

For the FSA Reading, seniors could earn a concordant score of:

For students who entered grade 9 in 2010-11 and beyond:

  • ACT English and Reading subtests 18
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing 480

For students who entered grade 9 prior to 2018-19:

  • ACT Reading 19
  • SAT Reading 430 (not PERT)
  • SAT Reading subtest 24
  1. Have completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and have received your finalized SAR (Student Aid Report) to attach to the printed copy of your application.  FAFSA application copies, FAFSA record of receipts etc. will not be accepted, only finalized Student Aid Reports. A finalized SAR will have the EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) noted.

Minimum qualifications for East and West Area Adult School students to apply:
Any student can apply.

Minimum qualifications for Ridge and Travis Vocational School students to apply:
Any student who has missed less than 20 hours of their program can apply.

If you meet the criteria to apply online, please click here for application directions. READ ALL BEFORE STARTING YOUR APPLICAION!

Helpful to the process:
Frequently asked scholarship questions and answers

Helpful hints for the scholarship application process

Start Your Application

Create your log in to begin and you should save each page until you are ready to submit. You can go back into your application until you hit submit, after that no more changes can be made

This application not intended for completion using a phone or other mobile device. For best results, please use a desktop computer/laptop.

Hard Copy Applications

Scholarships started after the online application opens will be done in hard copy format.  They will be posted below and sent to counselors to share. Please follow the deadline noted for each.
Scholarships for students other than Polk County, may also be found in hard copy below.

No applications to share at this time.

Take Stock in Children Scholarships

click here for that program page with scholarship information 


Previous Recipients of PEF Scholarships

For previous scholarship recipients who need to request funds, please complete the form below and return it to the Polk Education Foundation using the address provided on the form. A copy of the thank you note written to your donor must also be on file with this form to have funds disbursed.

Scholarship College Information Sheet

Recipients receive a copy of the Scholarship Policy with their award letter. A policy copy is also sent to each college or university with scholarship checks.

Click here to view the most recent PEF Scholarship Policy

Fund a Scholarship

You can sponsor a scholarship for Polk County High School graduating seniors in your club or business name, or, in memory of a loved one. After the application period ends, all scholarship applications are collected, screened and recipients selected through a competitive application process using the criteria each donor has set. We strive to make sure each application is given focus and attention to allow for the best candidates to be awarded scholarships. Donors can choose to participate in the selection process or allow a PEF committee to make those selections. Donors determine the criteria and the amount for the award. Scholarships can be designated for certain schools or groups of recipients. PEF staff would be happy to speak to you about the process, call 863-534-0519 to discuss.

Scholarships are promoted online every January through the Polk County School District and Polk Education Foundation. The last list of scholarships offered can be found at a link at the top of this page. Scholarship funds are awarded in the spring of each year; funds are not distributed directly to the student. A check is mailed payable to the college of the student’s choice during the first part of July. Thank you notes are required to be sent to each donor of a scholarship by its recipient prior to funds being disbursed.

By creating an endowed scholarship, you will have a perpetual scholarship awarded each year with no other investment needed. Endowed funds must however be invested for one year before they pay for an award. PEF’s endowment funds are professionally managed by at least 2 management firms per PEF policy. Currently a $10,000.00 donation equals a perpetual $500 scholarship. Endowed amounts and corresponding awards increase incrementally by each $10,000 donated. For more information, please contact Susan Copeland phone: 863-534-0519.

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