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Through the years, the T2T/S2S alumni have inspired success in the classroom and impacted numerous students.
The Teacher to Teacher/School to School Connection seeks out teachers that have developed and successfully used innovative teaching practices in their classrooms. As part of a layered network designed to improve student achievement and teacher leadership, these teachers called “Developers” work with the Foundation over the course of a school year to produce the Idea Catalog of Excellence in which their program is highlighted. Then, in the fall new Developers join with Developer alumni to present their innovative programs at the Idea Expo, engaging and connecting educators who desire to expand their knowledge and creativity in their classroom.

All PreK-8 teachers from Polk and Hardee Counties are invited to attend the Teacher to Teacher Connection Idea Expo to network with both present and past Developers, learning more about their innovative instructional practices. Teacher to Teacher Developer Grants are worth $600 ($400 for classroom materials and $200 as a stipend for additional hours spent on development and publishing). In 2005 the School to School Program was added which allows teachers to develop a grant that focuses on a school-wide initiative. If selected, the grant is worth $1,000 ($800 for classroom materials and $200 as a stipend for additional hours spent on development and publishing).

The Teacher to Teacher/School to School Connection does not end there. The Foundation then provides the opportunity for teachers who attended the current year’s IDEA Expo to apply for an Adapter grant in an effort to replicate a program in their own classrooms or schools. Potential Adapters may apply for up to $400 (Classroom) or $800 (School) to purchase classroom materials needed to implement a specific program.
Through the years, the T2T/S2S alumni have inspired teachers to expand their “toolbox” of ideas engaging more students and increasing student achievement. The resulting professional peer to peer support and comradery is empowering.

Anecdotes from Adapters:

Something I will never forget is the day one of my students got to experience the ocean through Augmented Reality. She was speechless and started crying of excitement. When I ask her why she was crying, she replied that she’s never been to the beach or ocean before and with Augmented Reality it felt so real she could almost swim. – Jesse Keen teacher

Augmented Reality Augmented reality human body

A Crystal Lake Middle School Teacher shared how student learning and amazement was evident during the various hydroponic lessons. The whole class was engaged on a daily basis. From the 1stt day students planted the seeds until they harvested the crop of lettuce, the students were “hooked on hydroponics”. There was constant buzz in the classroom, the students would basically run in the classroom to see the growth. They were on the computer looking up websites, reading books and magazines from the library to ensure their project was on schedule. Numerous discussions were sparked by their desire to learn more on this topic. A teacher commented, “It was amazing how your students worked on the assignment topics and tasks. I saw such great collaborative learning going on in your classroom. The best part I noticed was the students realized how hydroponics related to the real world and how it can be connected to the their own lives.” The PE coach commented, “Wow, what a terrific way to teach your students about agriculture and a touch of botany all at the same time. I hear them talk about the lessons when they are in P.E”.


Developer & Adapter Grant Recipients Announced!

Congratulations to our 2019 -2020 Developer Grant Recipients! Click here to view the recipient list.

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Congratulations to our 2018 -2019 Adapter Grant Recipients! Click here to view the recipient list.

Adapter Grant Recipients 2018 - 2019

Grant Applications
Adapter Grants are open and due November 1, 2019.  
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