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Anecdotes from Adapters

Teaching lessons prior to Spring Break. I had a good feeling that students grasped the concepts of gravity’s effect on an object as well as the different paths of an objects motion. After returning from break, one of my students showed me that they were able to not only understand the concepts in context of the lesson but also apply it to a very different real-life situation. This student spent time in the Rocky Mountains skiing and sledding. She could not wait to tell me that she had recreated the different paths of motion down a snowy hill AND could see the path the tracks left in the snow. Then she added, “and my dad sledded faster than me because… well… gravity!” I was so thrilled to see that she had been able to synthesize the material and apply it in a different context. This showed me that she was able to master the ideas and not just memorize and repeat facts! – shared be an elementary school teacher

A Jewett Middle Academy teacher shared- “During a cross-curriculum study, students studied the history and relevance of Archimedes Principle of buoyancy and formula for density. Salt water was created using a specific formula then icebergs were introduced to the saline solution for observation. Students created waves with toilet plungers to show rough seas and the consequences. Students created icebergs and calculated percentage of ice above and below the water to prove the 10% Tip of the Iceberg theory.  Curiosity ran high regarding the Titanic tragedy. This curiosity gave me the opportunity to relate how pressure from media or the investors/owner who built the ship could influence some hasty and dangerous decisions. As a point of compassion, the shuttle tragedy of 1986 was used as a comparable situation where the engineers told NASA not to launch due to the very cold weather and ice hanging off the shuttle. Tragedy happened there, too. Hands on activities always increase the level of engagement and learning.”

Developer & Adapter Grant Recipients Announced!

Congratulations to our 2020 – 2021/2021 – 2022 Developer Grant Recipients!

  • Deanna Brewer, Berkley Elementary
  • Tonya Ramos, Berkley Elementary
  • Brandi Miller, Caldwell Elementary
  • Janice Katz, Davenport School of the Arts
  • Jennifer Leonard, Davenport School of the Arts
  • Karen Westfall, Davenport School of the Arts
  • Amber Love Johnson, Hillcrest Elementary
  • Robin Collins, Jesse Keen Elementary
  • Cleo Johnson, Jesse Keen Elementary
  • Jessica Bailey, McKeel Central Academy
  • Rebecca Dougherty, McKeel Central Academy
  • Leslie Taylor, McKeel Central Academy
  • Michelle Testerman, McKeel Central Academy
  • Jennifer Barnett, Philip O’Brien Elementary
  • Amanda Bosque, Polk City Elementary
  • Jessica Miller, Polk City Elementary
  • Katrina Polz, Polk City Elementary
  • Theresa McCawley, Rochelle School of the Arts
  • Rebecca Charlet, South McKeel Academy
  • Cheryl Jacques, South McKeel Academy
  • Bethany Agostinelli, Wahneta Elementary
  • Debbie Gover, Zolfo Springs Elementary
  • Khoa Klor, Zolfo Springs Elementary

Congratulations to our 2021 – 2022 Adapter Grant Recipients!

  • Kelly Stentz, Babson Park Elementary
  • Melissa Massey, Bowling Green Elementary
  • Joely Atchison, Caldwell Elementary
  • Marcia Berger, Crystal Lake Middle School
  • Rolanda Bertz, Dr. N.E. Roberts
  • Lyndsay Moony, Dundee Elementary Academy
  • Amanda Pope, Dundee Elementary Academy
  • Krista Hickey-Ramirez, Highland City Elementary
  • Haley Smith, Highland City Elementary
  • Ansley Morris, Highlands Grove Elementary
  • Heather Walters, Highlands Grove Elementary
  • Natalie James, Highlands Grove Elementary
  • Joanna Zammito-Loya, Highlands Grove Elementary
  • Heather McCaslin, James Stephens Elementary
  • Elisa Burg, Jewett School of the Arts
  • Tamara Opalek, Lewis Anna Woodbury Elementary
  • Sarah Berzins, McKeel Academy Central
  • Jennifer Burnett, McKeel Academy Central
  • Vanessa Holmes, McKeel Academy Central
  • Alyssa Scott, McKeel Academy Central
  • Leslie Taylor, McKeel Academy Central
  • Michelle Testerman, McKeel Academy Central
  • Mary Idsardi, North Wauchula Elementary
  • Alison Anderson, Rochelle School of the Arts
  • Stephanie Hicks, Rochelle School of the Arts
  • Christina Edmiston, Sleepy Hill Elementary
  • Sharon Thomas, Sleepy Hill Elementary
  • Jessica Booker, Valleyview Elementary
  • Julia Reckord, Valleyview Elementary

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