Update on Lead Testing

Update on Lead Testing

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Polk County Public Schools has received the results from follow-up lead testing at two schools: Union Academy and Winston Academy of Engineering.

After making necessary fixes at both schools, Union Academy has been cleared to resume using regular water for drinking and cooking.

At Winston Academy, the water in one classroom location is still testing at slightly elevated levels, which we believe was caused by an oversight during the testing process. We expect to have the issue resolved soon. The water is now safe for consumption at all other locations at Winston Academy.

On Friday, we began testing water for lead content at five new schools: Bartow Middle, Ben Hill Griffin Jr. Elementary, Bethune Academy, Frostproof Elementary, and Stephens Elementary. We expect to have the results by the end of this week.

Tomorrow, we will begin testing at Babson Park Elementary, Eastside Elementary, Floral Avenue Elementary, Frostproof Middle-Senior High School, and Jean O’ Dell Learning Center. Those results should be available by early next week.

The testing at these schools is part of a larger initiative that will eventually test all campuses throughout the district.

Members of the media were briefed today during a news conference. To view the news conference, access the latest test results or learn more about Polk County Public Schools’ lead testing efforts, please visit our Lead Information Center.