Update: Lead Levels Reduced in Water at Two Schools

Update: Lead Levels Reduced in Water at Two Schools

Plumbing repairs being made at Union Academy.

Polk County Public Schools announced today that follow-up testing results show lead levels have been reduced in the water at two schools: Cleveland Court Elementary and Inwood Elementary.

The district also is hiring additional consultants to speed up water testing at its schools throughout the county.

Based on the latest test results, Cleveland Court and Inwood will be able to resume using regular water for drinking and cooking.

Repairs have taken place at Union Academy and Winston Academy of Engineering. Further testing is being conducted to see if their levels have also decreased. Results should be available next week.

Members of the media were briefed today during a news conference. To view the news conference, access the latest test results or learn more about Polk County Public Schools’ lead testing efforts, please visit: https://polkschoolsfl.com/leadinformationcenter/

The testing at these schools is part of a larger initiative that will eventually test all campuses throughout the district. Polk County Public Schools plans to begin using three consultants to expedite the testing process with an emphasis on testing older campuses first.

“The water testing that is being undertaken is voluntary and based on EPA recommendations,” said Deputy Superintendent John Hill. “A consultant that we are currently using tells us that the Polk County School District did conduct water testing and mitigation in the 1990s. However, the extent and regularity of the testing is unknown at this time.”

“When the subject of water testing in schools was brought to our attention following recent news stories, we began to address this matter,” Hill said. “We are committed to ensuring our schools’ water is safe, and we are working to get all schools tested as soon as possible.”