Tentative Agreement Reached to Increase PCPS Teachers’ Salaries

Tentative Agreement Reached to Increase PCPS Teachers’ Salaries

Polk County Public schools news release graphic.

A tentative agreement has been reached to increase Polk County Public Schools teachers’ salaries, boosting the lowest raise amount to $1,200 — instead of $650.

The tentative agreement was reached yesterday evening, May 11, between PCPS and the Polk Education Association (teachers’ union).

“We are finalizing a memorandum of understanding with the PEA, which will cover these teacher raises,” said Teddra Porteous, PCPS’ associate superintendent of Human Resources Services. “We greatly appreciate the union’s cooperation, so we can get these dollars to our educators as fast as possible.”

The charts below outline raise amounts for teachers based on their salary levels.

The starting salary for PCPS teachers will rise to $45,172, an increase of $4,200.

School psychologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists will also receive $1,200 added to their current base salary.

Once the agreement is finalized, the raises are expected to be included in this month’s paychecks. The pay raise is retroactive to July 1, 2020.

Important note: Teachers who received a raise of more than 2% will not be eligible for a separate one-time, $1,000 bonus being offered to nearly all other PCPS employees.

For salary questions, please contact the HR Call Center: hrcallcenter@polk-fl.net or (863) 534-0781 (option 2).


Pay for Performance 2019-20 Salary Levels 2020-21 Teacher Performance Raise Amount
1 $4,200
2 $3,900
3 $3,600
4 $3,300
5 $3,000
6 $2,700
7 $2,400
8 $2,100
9 $1,800
10 $1,500
011-078 $1,200
Grandfathered 2019-20 Salary Levels 2020-21 Grandfathered Teacher Raise Amount
00 YEARS $3,600
01 YEARS $3,300
02 YEARS $2,700
03 YEARS $2,400
04 YEARS $2,100
05 YEARS $1,800
06 YEARS $1,500
07- 30 YEARS $1,200