Tenoroc High Debuts Doggy Day Care Program

Tenoroc High Debuts Doggy Day Care Program

Tenoroc High students working in the school's new doggy day care

They say every dog has its day, and at Tenoroc High it was specifically last Monday.

That was when the school was able to finally launch its doggy day care program — much to the delight of students, staff and dogs.

The new service is an extension of Tenoroc’s veterinary assisting program headed by teacher Sumer Tackett. She started Tenoroc’s first vet program three years ago but didn’t have the necessary space and resources for a dog day care until now.

“I am extremely happy this program is up and running,” Tackett said. “It truly benefits my students with the hands-on learning aspect of my program. Secondly, it gives them an incentive to do well in class so they are able to work with the animals brought to us on campus.”

Operating on Mondays from 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., the day care is only open to Tenoroc staff who want to drop their dogs off for a day full of love, playtime and basic health and grooming services.

Tackett further explained that the program creates even more opportunities for hands-on learning before students start their internships at vet offices. For aspiring veterinarians like Faith Murphy (pictured below), the addition of a doggy day care is much appreciated.

“When I found out it would be at school I was so happy and so thrilled,” said Murphy, a Tenoroc senior. “I’m going to get more experience on how to handle animals and treat them, and just to make sure they’re safe to be around, know what to do when they become aggressive — any type of situation.”

Students working in the doggy day care at Tenoroc High

Tenoroc High senior Faith Murphy, working with a new day care client

In addition to Tenoroc, Ridge Community High has a dog day care service as part of its veterinary program. George Jenkins High has also operated a dog day care that partnered with the SPCA.

Tackett said her day care had two enthusiastic (four-legged) clients on its first day. She said her students were noticeably more engaged as well.

“Now they look forward to coming to class on Mondays,” she said.

Tenoroc High students working in the school's new doggy day care