Q&A About Our Newest High School, Davenport High

Q&A About Our Newest High School, Davenport High

An aerial construction shot of Davenport High

PCPS’ newest high school, Davenport High, will finally open in August for the start of the 2021-22 school year. We know DHS families have a lot of questions about the school (and their future Broncos), so we asked Principal Alain Douge for an update.

For more information, please email davenportsenior@polk-fl.net. You can also follow and contact DHS on social media:




Here are some FAQs about DHS:

– How do I know if my child is zoned for Davenport High?

You can use our “zone finder” tool or view the DHS zone at polkschoolsfl.com/zonefinder.

Will Ridge Community High students be impacted by the opening of Davenport High?

Current Ridge Community High juniors who are zoned for Davenport High will remain at RCHS. Existing RCHS freshmen and sophomores who are zoned for DHS will transfer to the new school. This is necessary to provide enrollment relief to RCHS.

Is DHS focused on the arts?

DHS is a traditional school, with enrollment based on residential zoning. Students will have opportunities to be a part of the school’s fine arts programs without auditioning. DHS neighbors Davenport School of the Arts, a K-8 magnet school that requires families to apply for enrollment.

What career academies or other electives will DHS have?

DHS will have career academies and other programs focused on agriculture (horticulture and agri-technology), technology (computer modeling and simulation), fashion/interior design, hospitality (tourism and culinary arts), and media production. DHS will also have a fine arts program that will provide students with opportunities to engage in the performing and visual arts.

– Will DHS have an athletics program?

Yes. DHS plans to offer the many sports associated with traditional high schools, beginning with the fall 2021 season.

Will I be able to continue my high school coursework at DHS if I was already on an Advanced Placement (AP) or dual enrollment track?

Yes. DHS plans to offer a lineup of AP and dual enrollment courses similar to those at other PCPS high schools. PCPS will be available to help new DHS students transition into these courses.

– Is DHS participating in Open Enrollment?

DHS will participate in the open enrollment process for the first time during the 2022-2023 school year, following the regular PCPS timeline for the annual Open Enrollment window.