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PCPS Publishes Interim Report

PCPS Publishes Interim Report

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We’re halfway through the first quarter, so that means it’s time for interim reports. Here’s what we’ve been up to since school started.

An infographic with stats from the first four weeks of school.

  • Devices distributed: 23,554
  • Calls taken at the technology call center: 2,389
  • WiFi hotspots distributed: 288
  • Meals distributed to eSchool students: 200,000
  • Students riding the bus: 21,000 (Normally, PCPS has approximately 48,000 bus riders.)
  • Average bus occupancy: 47 (Typical average bus occupancy is 83.)
  • Calls taken at the transportation call center: 29,096
  • Campus learning students: 47,357 (Compared to 41,298 when school started.)
  • eSchool students: 35,412 (Compared to 36,016 when school started.)
  • Polk Virtual students: 3,497 (Compared to 2,545 when school started.)
  • Containers of disinfectant, hand sanitizer and soap distributed to schools and other district locations: 85,484
  • Masks (disposable and washable) distributed to schools and other district locations: 679,690