PCPS Debuts New Podcasts

PCPS Debuts New Podcasts

Graphic promoting The Ignite Project podcast

Apparently this is International Podcast Day? Well, good thing we now have some podcasts!

Today we are thrilled to bring you the premiere episode of The Ignite Project, a teacher-created production that “elevates the voices of some of PCPS’ most passionate educators as a way to fuel the drive to be innovative and resilient in today’s classrooms.”

The first episode, hosted by PCPS Teacher Engagement leader (and 2017 Florida Teacher of the Year) Jessica Solano, features Amber Screen from Philip O’Brien Elementary.

The Ignite Project is now available on Google, Spotify and YouTube, and should be available by tomorrow on Apple.

Next Wednesday will bring the debut of People of PCPS, a podcast “dedicated to telling the stories of teachers, paraeducators, support staff, students, volunteers, alumni, and all the people who contribute to Polk County Public Schools.”

Please see polkschoolsfl.com/podcasts for links and details.