PCPS Coronavirus/Flu Response Update

PCPS Coronavirus/Flu Response Update

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We’d like to provide some additional information about the measures we are taking to help protect our students and staff against the spread of the coronavirus and flu. PCPS is working as quickly as possible to acquire necessary supplies and make them available in our schools and buses.

We continue to work with the Florida Department of Health in Polk County, and follow their guidance. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this process.

If you have concerns about safety or sanitation we ask that you please contact your school’s administrators directly, so that they are made aware of the issue and have a chance to respond. For additional help, please e-mail news@polk-fl.net or visit polkschoolsfl.com/healthinformation.

Here is the latest update on our coronavirus/flu response:


  • PCPS maintenance and custodial staff are checking each school to ensure there are soap dispensers in the bathrooms; we are installing dispensers as needed, as quickly as possible.
  • We have initially ordered 1,000 hand sanitizer dispensers so that each school will have approximately seven dispensers to place in common areas such as the cafeteria, main office, gymnasium and media centers. As soon as more dispensers become available they will be distributed to schools.
  • We have ordered hand sanitizer that will be provided on all of our school buses. It is expected that it will take at least a week for these supplies to arrive.
  • We had a meeting with our custodial service managers this week to reinforce the cleaning procedures to be followed in our schools. We will be requiring more thorough and frequent cleaning procedures to help prevent the spread of flu and coronavirus.
  • At this week’s principals meeting, we discussed some of the resources available to schools (including videos and signage) to help educate students and families about the coronavirus. We have asked schools to use their TV programs, morning announcements and other communication channels to disseminate health information.
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