PCPS Announces Upcoming Hiring Events, Including May 4 Job Fair

PCPS Announces Upcoming Hiring Events, Including May 4 Job Fair

PCPS booth setup for job fair

The next few weeks are packed with opportunities for job hunters.

Polk County Public Schools is hosting a “transfer” job fair for our existing teachers this Saturday, April 13.

Next Wednesday (April 17), we’re hosting an online chat and virtual job fair exclusively for school counselors interested in a career with PCPS.

Our main teacher recruitment event of the season will take place during a job fair on Saturday, May 4 in Lakeland. We’ll be conducting interviews and making job offers on site as we hire teachers for the 2019-20 school year.

Please see the flyers below for details on each event.

This is a busy time of year for PCPS recruiters, who have spent the past few months traveling throughout the state and country to secure top talent. As all school districts face the challenges of a nationwide teacher shortage, PCPS is refining our approach to attracting and retaining educators.

“This year we’re taking a personalized approach to recruiting,” says Jessica Solano, a former Polk County and Florida Teacher of the Year who now serves as our Teacher Engagement Leader.

Solano notes that PCPS is embracing online chats and virtual job fairs as one way to reach this generation of tech-savvy teachers, in a way that respects their time and reduces the need to travel.

“We are trying to understand the generation that will be teaching our students and the needs of all of our new teachers as they start a job with us,” Solano said. “Our office is constantly seeking ways to make our candidates feel seen, heard, and appreciated; and continue to uphold that standard through teacher engagement initiatives once they come on board.”

Jessica Solano headshot

PCPS Teacher Engagement Leader Jessica Solano

When it comes to job fairs and other traditional hiring venues, PCPS is using data to focus our efforts (outside of Florida) on talent-rich states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

Once new employees are on board, Solano and our HR team are waiting to assist them with resources that include new teacher seminars and peer mentoring programs.

“We’re bringing teachers in to a community that’s ready to support them,” Solano says. “We want to help them take teaching from a job to a career.”

For more information, visit our Employment page here, or click here for our Recruitment page. You can also follow our HR team on Twitter at @pcpsrecruitment and @teachengagepcps.

May 4 Job Fair Flyer


Job Fair Flyer

Job fair flyer