Name, Mascot and Colors Announced for New High School in Davenport

Name, Mascot and Colors Announced for New High School in Davenport

Photo of Davenport High under construction

There will be a new school in town next year: Davenport High, home of the Broncos.

The name and mascot for the new school were formally unveiled today during the Polk County School Board’s work session. A committee of district and community leaders selected the name and mascot options before putting them to a public vote through online surveys.

Another detail revealed Tuesday: Davenport High’s colors will be black and gold.

The school, located adjacent to Davenport School of the Arts, is scheduled to open in Aug. 2021. It will accommodate 2,500 students, helping to relieve enrollment at nearby Ridge Community and Haines City high schools; and will offer programs in the fine arts, hospitality and hotel management, technology, computer modeling and gaming.

Heritage Trail High and Horse Creek High were the other possible names for the school; Colts and Trailblazers were the remaining mascot choices.

There were historic sites in the Davenport area along the Heritage Trail and the area was originally known as the Horse Creek settlement. Most recently, the land that the school is being built on served as a horse rescue and breeding property.

School board members had no objections Tuesday following the announcement of Davenport High’s name, mascot and colors, but the details will still be submitted for final approval at the board’s next regular meeting on Oct. 27.

Alain Douge will be the principal of Davenport High; he previously served as principal of Lake Gibson Middle.