Michigan State University Spotlights Mulberry High Grad

Michigan State University Spotlights Mulberry High Grad

Photo of Luz Vazquez Hernandez at MSU

Back in December we wrote about the special connection between Mulberry High and Michigan State University.

The short version: Several Mulberry grads have enrolled at MSU in recent years thanks to the College Assistance Migrant Program, a U.S. Department of Education initiative available to students with migrant or seasonal farm work backgrounds.

MSU just published a article about Luz Vazquez Hernandez, who recently arrived on campus after graduating from Mulberry last year. It’s a powerful testament to the resolve of our students from migrant families:

“Perhaps a strong work ethic in the making or seeking a better life inspired Vazquez Hernandez to do well in school, but it took great sacrifice. She had to balance schoolwork with work in the fields. Vazquez Hernandez would spend every holiday and break from classes picking crops, caring for siblings, cooking and cleaning.

Much of her junior year at Mulberry High School was spent working on roofs during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was the only option for work as the family could no longer migrate to pick crops …

Vazquez Hernandez had key mentors in her life, including Dani Higgins, a migrant advocate at Mulberry High School whom she credits with driving her academic success. ‘Ms. Higgins showed me that Hispanics could do well in school too,’ she said.

And she didn’t just do well, she excelled. During Vazquez Hernandez’s senior year of high school, her course load included three AP classes, and she graduated with a 3.9 GPA.”

You can read the full story here.