“Love the Bus” Month: Meet Kamyra Farnell-Charles

“Love the Bus” Month: Meet Kamyra Farnell-Charles

Photo of Kamyra Charles

February is Love the Bus Month, a monthlong celebration created by the American School Bus Council to honor the contributions of drivers, attendants and all transportation personnel to public education.

This is a chance to get to know some of PCPS’ outstanding transportation employees; we’ll be introducing them to you all month long!

Thank you, PCPS transportation employees, for all you do to put Students First!


Profile: Kamyra Farnell-Charles, PCPS bus driver

Kamyra Farnell-Charles — known as Miss Myra to her students — has worked in transportation for 13 years, first as a bus attendant and now as a driver. The best part of her job, by far, is building relationships with her students and brightening their day.

One of her students was on her bus route for seven years and had been quite a challenge. Each day, regardless of his behaviors, Miss Myra would tell him she loved him and that she wouldn’t change her bus route until after he graduated.

The student never responded.

After seven years, the student finally said to Miss Myra, “I made it. I’m going to graduate this year.” Miss Myra told him she would be changing her bus route the next year. She said: “I’ve been waiting for you to graduate.” The next day, the student waited until everyone got off the bus, then he whispered, “Miss Myra, I love you too.”

Miss Myra loves her job because she gets to make a difference every day: “I may be a light to a child who doesn’t have one, so I make sure I help them feel special each day.”

Thank you, Miss Myra!