Attendance Awareness Month: Making Attendance a Priority, Absences a Rarity

Attendance Awareness Month: Making Attendance a Priority, Absences a Rarity

September is Attendance Awareness Month

Did you know that a student who misses just two days of school a month will lose a total of 20 days of instruction by the end of a school year?

September is Attendance Awareness Month, and educators throughout the nation are encouraging families to keep their children learning by keeping them in the classroom.

Students who regularly don’t show up for class will miss instruction in fundamental subjects like reading and mathematics. One California study found children who were chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade were far less likely to read proficiently at the end of the third grade.

“Good attendance is a critical part of academic success,” said Polk County Public Schools Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd. “Twenty absences in a given school year puts students in danger of falling so far behind that they may never catch up. Children who miss five or fewer days have a better chance at being successful in school.”

Polk County Public Schools is partnering with Polk Vision on a joint campaign called “Strive for Less Than 5.”

The campaign emphasizes the importance of maintaining good attendance, and encourages families to make student attendance a priority and absences a rarity. A video about this initiative can be found here:

Here are some basic tips parents can use to improve their child’s attendance:

-Establish a regular routine by keeping a regular bedtime

-Prepare clothes and backpacks the night before

-Only keep children home if they are truly sick

-Have a backup plan for getting to school

-Avoid scheduling appointments and trips when school is in session