Polk High School Graduation Rate Increases to Highest Level in a Decade

Polk High School Graduation Rate Increases to Highest Level in a Decade

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Polk County's Graduation Rate Increases

January 10, 2018

Polk County Public Schools is pleased to announce that the school district’s graduation rate rose to 75.4 percent — up 3.6 percentage points to the highest level in a decade — according to the latest data from the Florida Department of Education.

“We are beyond proud of the results we have achieved for our students and our community,” said Superintendent Jacqueline M. Byrd. “Our graduation rate is the result of a lot of hard work by teachers, principals, district-based administrators and, most certainly, students. We have worked tirelessly to remove barriers, to provide targeted support to our students, to work together as a united school district in pursuit of increasing our graduation rate.”

Nearly all schools maintained or saw gains in their 2016-2017 graduation rates compared to the prior year.

Two schools experienced dramatic improvement (Read more about them by clicking here.):

-Tenoroc High’s graduation rate soared to 70.7 percent, an increase of 13 percentage points.

-Mulberry High’s graduation rate rose to 87.3 percent, an increase of 11 percentage points.

Seventeen Polk County high schools improved their graduation rate compared to their 2015-2016 graduation rates. In fact, 12 schools exceeded Florida’s average graduation rate of 82.3 percent.

The 14 traditional public high schools saw a graduation rate of approximately 82 percent.

“Each student who earns a high school diploma is positioned for a more successful future, and each high school diploma earned strengthens our community,” Byrd said. “This is a very good day for Polk County Public Schools and Polk County as a whole. Thank you to our teachers, staff, students and community.”

Graduation Rates Comparison table for 2016-2017 vs 2015-2016