PCPS Open Enrollment Information

Open enrollment for priority consideration for magnet and choice schools is now closed. Notifications of acceptance for priority applicants were sent via email and Parent Portal alert on March 28, 2022.

A second lottery drawing for magnet/choice schools was conducted as part of the regular Open Enrollment process (this does not involve career academies or Controlled Open Enrollment applications). Notifications for this lottery were sent via email and Parent Portal alert on Monday, April 18, 2022. If you did not receive an acceptance notification, your child will remain eligible for any additional drawings if seats are available.

If you did not apply during the priority window and wish to apply for a magnet or choice school, paper applications will be available until the first day of school. Please contact the magnet or choice school directly for more information.

For any questions regarding magnet/choice school enrollment, please call 863-534-0631 ext. 788.

Magnet & Choice Schools

Magnet and choice schools offer the standard required curriculum of general education, as well as distinctive themes or programs, such as science, technology, math or the arts, that attract students to the schools.

Differences Between Magnet and Choice Schools

Originally, the sole purpose of magnet was to desegregate schools that were specifically identified in the Polk County desegregation agreement.

Choice schools can be created in response to community or school interest.

Types of Choice Schools

Partial Choice Schools

Partial choice schools have a student population comprised of students who are zoned for that school by the address where they live and a group of students who apply for a predetermined number of choice seats.

Full Choice Schools

Full choice schools have a student population comprised of students who have applied to the school. This type of school is similar to a magnet school in that all seats at the school are filled through an application process.

Need Help?

Know Your Zone!

Students interested in attending a magnet or choice program may only apply to schools within their zone of residence. To determine your zone, please refer to the district’s online GeoZone application. Enter your address and then select the appropriate check box (Magnet Zones, IB Zones, etc.).

Map of Polk County depicting boundaries for Zones A, B, C and D


How long can my application be on file in the applicant pool?

The applicant pool is kept for one school year.  If students are not accepted from the pool that year, they must reapply the following open enrollment period.

How are students selected from the pool?

Students are selected for vacant seats by computerized random selection process.

Will my application be assigned a number or placement in the waiting pool?

No, no numbers are assigned and there is no designated placement, as all selections are random.

I have moved or changed my contact information, what should I do?

Notify the Office of Acceleration and Innovation at 863-534-0631 of the change.

How often are selections made?

Call the Office of Acceleration & Innovation at 863-534-0631 for lottery date updates.

What is the sibling policy for the magnet schools?

Incoming kindergartners with a sibling enrolled in the school at the time of open enrollment will receive a priority.  Only 50% of the kindergarten class will be reserved for siblings.  No other sibling priority is given.

How will I be notified of my acceptance?

An acceptance alert will show on your Parent Portal main page. An acceptance email will also be sent. Please check your Parent Portal account regularly for notifications. You will have 10 working days to respond.

If I apply for multiple schools and am accepted into one, will I still be eligible for the other schools?

Once you have accepted a seat at one school your application will be removed from all other waiting pools.

Can I apply for a magnet school outside of my zone?

No, your residence address must be in the Magnet Zone for the school you are applying for.

Is transportation provided for magnet school students?

If the residence address is 2 or more miles from the school, transportation will be provided.

Once I received my email of acceptance or alert through the Parent Portal, what is my next step?

If you receive an acceptance alert or email, you must accept or decline your seat through your Parent Portal account within 10 working days. You must also go to the school with two proofs of address for registration during that time.

If I move into another magnet zone after I’ve been accepted, what happens?

If you move out of the magnet zone you applied for and you have been accepted, you will have to forfeit the acceptance and apply (when applications are available) for magnet school in your new zone.

What happens if my child is retained and the application grade is incorrect and I’ve been accepted for the incorrect grade?

If your child is retained and you receive an acceptance for the incorrect grade, you will have to forfeit that seat, and reapply (when applications are available) for the correct grade.