PCPS will resume providing children with school breakfasts and lunches on Monday, March 30. Meals are available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday-Friday, at specific sites serving as food distribution locations. Distribution is similar to lunch distribution during the summer.

IMPORTANT: Children may pick up a meal at ANY OF THE LOCATIONS where meals are offered. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND THAT LOCATION.

A law enforcement officer (SRO/SRD) and school safety guardian will be assigned to each school that has been identified as a meal distribution site. Their presence will facilitate the safe and orderly preparation and distribution of meals during school closures. Law enforcement and school safety guardians will wear their standard uniform and will be available to assist the public with any law enforcement issues or concerns related to school safety.

Meal Sites

Hours of Operation: 11:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m.

School Locations

Alta Vista Elementary
Alturas Elementary
Auburndale Central Elementary
Bartow Academy
Ben Hill Griffin
Bethune Academy
Blake Academy
Boswell Elementary
Brigham Academy
Caldwell Elementary
Carlton Palmore Elementary
Chain of Lakes Elementary
Churchwell Elementary
Citrus Ridge Elementary
Cleveland Court Elementary
Combee Academy
Crystal Lake Elementary
Dundee Elementary
Davenport School Of The Arts
Dixieland Elementary
Eagle Lake Elementary
Eastside Elementary
Elbert Elementary
Floral Avenue Elementary

Frostproof Elementary
Garden Grove Elementary
Garner Elementary
Gibbons Street Pre-K Center
Griffin Elementary
Highland City Elementary
Highlands Grove Elementary
Horizons Elementary
Inwood Elementary
Jesse Keen Elementary
Jewett School of the Arts
Kathleen Elementary
Kingsford Elementary
Lake Alfred Elementary
Lake Shipp Elementary
Laurel Elementary
Lena Vista Elementary
Lewis Elementary
Lincoln Avenue Academy
Loughman Oaks Elementary
McLaughlin Middle
Medulla Elementary
N.E. Roberts Elementary
North Lakeland Elementary

Oscar J. Pope Elementary
Padgett Elementary
Palmetto Elementary
Philip O’Brien Elementary
Pinewood Elementary
Polk City Elementary
Purcell Elementary
R. Bruce Wagner Elementary
Rochelle School of the Arts
Sandhill Elementary
Scott Lake Elementary
Sikes Elementary
Sleepy Hill Elementary
Snively Elementary
Socrum Elementary
Southwest Elementary
Spessard Holland Elementary
Spook Hill Elementary
Stephens Elementary
Tenoroc High
Valleyview Elementary
Wahneta Elementary
Watson Elementary
Winston Academy

Satellite Locations:

The Mission of Winter Haven
180 East Central Avenue
Winter Haven, FL 33880

3409 Kelly Ct,
Mullberry, FL 33860

Christmas Tree Park
2400 Hutchins Road
Fort, Meade, FL 33841

Public Education Partnership of Winter Haven center in Florence Villa
203 Ave R NE,
Winter Haven, FL 33881

4230 FL Highway 60
Mullberry, FL 33860

19 Regel Loop
Mullberry, FL 33860

Citrus Connection and Polk County Public Schools Expand COLTS Program to Assist Families

Citrus Connection and Polk County Public Schools have partnered to provide students 8 years of age and older free public transportation until further notice to assist families with local travel during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Citrus Connection and PCPS have a long-standing partnership to provide transportation through the Community of Learning Transportation Services (COLTS) Program, which provides subsidized public transit for high school students. The district and Citrus Connection have agreed to open the service to children 8 years of age and older.

In the midst of the Covid-19 public health crisis, Citrus Connection will continue to provide public transit service on all routes and will follow the guidelines of the Florida Department of Transportation. If FDOT calls for the suspension or reduction in service, Citrus Connection will honor that order.

For more information about Citrus Connection services, visit Additional information can be obtained by calling customer service at 863- 688-7433 or quality assurance at 863-733-4242.