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    Recognizing that families need flexibility during these unprecedented and challenging times, Polk County Public Schools will offer three distinct learning formats for the 2020-21 school year: Campus Learning, Campus eSchool, and Polk Virtual School.



    This option restores the traditional school day for students and staff members. Students will return to campus and interact in person with teachers and classmates. Transportation and school lunches will be provided. Face coverings will be required. Additional health and safety protocols include symptom screenings, frequent and thorough cleaning of campuses, increased handwashing and use of hand sanitizer, and one-way traffic on campus where feasible.



    This option serves as a bridge between a student’s brick-and-mortar school and a purely digital environment. It was designed for families who want their children to return to school but aren’t ready to do so just yet. Students will remain enrolled in their current school, but learning will take place virtually. School days will be highly structured, with specific times for students to log on and take part in lessons and activities. Parents will serve as learning coaches to monitor student progress.



    This option is best for families who do not foresee their children returning to campus. Polk Virtual School offers students the ability to fulfill their K-12 educational requirements entirely online. Lessons are taught by PCPS teachers who provide individualized instruction and are available to meet in person as needed. Polk Virtual requires a commitment of at least one semester. For more information about Polk Virtual School, visit:

    We encourage families to read the entire Instructional Continuity Plan to learn how students will receive the panoply of services provided in public school. We also want students and families to understand that the options outlined will follow all board policies, to include attendance and grading policies as in traditional school. The emergency status of the fourth quarter for the 2019-2020 school year was very different than the intentional choices outlined within this document.

    Families with questions or concerns may reach out to their respective school of enrollment, their Regional Assistant Superintendent’s Office, or the Office of the Superintendent. Contact information for all schools and district office personnel is located at Once on our webpage, please search for your school name or the name of the district staff member in which you need to contact. We are here to help families every step of the way.

    The chart below outlines each option for families with some components that are similar or different for each schooling format. Additional information about each option can also be found in our FAQs, which are updated regularly, at

    Schooling Format Components Campus Learning
    (PK-12) Option
    Campus eSchool
    (K-12) Option
    Polk Virtual School
    Full Time (K-12) Option
    Key elements of each learning option. Curriculum, district-adopted instructional materials will be used.

    Additional health measures will be taken.

    Social distancing will take place where feasible.

    Face coverings will be required.

    Hand sanitizer will be available and frequent handwashing will be encouraged.

    Virtual parent meetings will be available.

    A process is in place for students/staff with symptoms.

    If conditions are not safe for Campus Learning, PCPS will pivot to Campus eSchool.

    Curriculum, district-adopted instructional materials will be used.

    Students remain enrolled in their zoned, choice, or magnet school of acceptance.

    Parents must make a quarterly commitment to Campus eSchool.

    Electronic devices will be needed (minimum iPad or laptop).

    Online access is required.

    Virtual parent meetings will be available.

    If Campus Learning closes at any time, Campus eSchool students will continue to follow this model.

    Curriculum supplied via Florida Virtual School, K-12, and other vendors

    Parents must make a semesterly commitment to Polk Virtual.

    Electronic devices will be needed (minimum iPad or laptop).

    Online access is required.

    Learn more at

    Will use Florida Standards-based instruction Yes Yes Yes
    Will use Board-approved school calendar Yes Yes Yes
    State testing will be required Yes Yes Yes
    Attendance will be recorded Yes Yes Yes
    Grading policies/report cards will be in place Yes Yes Yes
    Will provide support for students

    (For example, IEP, 504, EP, ELL plans, transition services, etc.)

    Yes Yes Yes
    Will utilize Polk County teachers Yes Yes Yes
    Availability of school athletics/extra-curriculars

    (at school of enrollment)

    Yes Yes Yes
    Availability of school meal program Yes Yes No
    Availability of school transportation Yes No No
    Will provide for special program participation

    (For example, IB, Cambridge, Harrison, CTE Academies, Alternative Programs, etc.)

    Yes Yes*
    (*Please check with local school to confirm availability.)
    Will provide structured class time Yes Yes No
    Will provide flexible class times
    (depending on enrollment)
    No Yes Yes
    Will provide for a family and school partnerships Yes Yes Yes
    Parent will be required to serve as a learning coach
    (will closely monitor student progress)
    No Yes Yes