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This annual awards program honors approximately 240 outstanding employees from across the district.  Along with 12 finalists, the winners receive cash awards and other prizes from event sponsors.

Judges include community members from local organizations and businesses, as well as past winners and finalists. Judges review the applications without knowledge of applicant names or schools. Judging criteria includes leadership and professional development activities, community and school involvement, and teaching style.

Each year, the Florida Department of Education names a Florida Teacher of the Year, choosing an educator who has “demonstrated a superior capacity to inspire a love of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities.” The Florida School-Related Employee of the Year award recognizes outstanding education support personnel for contributions to their schools and communities. Both of Polk’s winners move on to compete for the state titles.

Previous Award Winners

Previous District Teacher of the Year Award Winners

Ashley Brannon Karen M. Siegel Academy 2022
Maude Graham Rosabelle W. Blake Academy 2021
Dr. Vincent M. Miller II Winter Haven Senior High 2020
Jennie Cyran Horizons Elementary 2019
Michelle Dinwiddle Lake Gibson Senior High 2018
Lois Horn-Diaz R. Bruce Wagner Elementary 2017
Jessica Solano Highlands Grove Elementary (State Winner) 2016
Adam Smith Frank E. Brigham Academy 2015
Christie Bassett Highlands Grove Elementary (State Winner) 2014
Virginia Watkins Purcell Elementary 2013
Linda Robinson Winter Haven High 2012
Linda Brett R. Bruce Wagner Elementary 2011
Wendi Wooddell Winter Haven High 2010
Ruth Teets Purcell Elementary 2009
Danny Whittenton Kathleen High (State Finalist) 2008
Kristen Wells Carlton Palmore Elementary 2007
Diane Plowden Winter Haven High 2006
Samuel Bennett Garner Elementary (State Winner, U.S. Finalist) 2005
Janice Gilchrest Griffin Elementary (State Finalist) 2004
Antionette Wilcox Union Academy 2003
Judy Moore Valleyview Elementary 2002
Dana Kelly Southwest Elementary 2001
Jennifer Cayer Southwest Elementary 2000
Lois DeRosa Southwest Elementary (State Finalist) 1999
Paula Leftwich Southwest Elementary (State Finalist) 1998
Odessa Johnson Polk Life & Learning 1997
Rosalind Michele Hill Highland City Elementary 1996
Rhea McKinney Lakeland Highlands Middle School 1995
Sandra Brooks Scott Lake Elementary 1994
Barbara Stephens Valleyview Elementary 1993
Linda Fasel Hillcrest Elementary 1992
Lonnie Smith Lake Gibson High 1991
Carolyn Williams Mulberry High 1990
Lynda Black Bartow High 1989
Janet Williams Winter Haven High (State Finalist) 1988
Ann Tankson Ridge Vo-Tech (State Finalist) 1987
Linda Guest Floral Avenue Elementary 1986
Elsie Durrance Lakeland Highlands Junior High 1985
John Carmichael Lakeland High 1984
Evelyn Laurent Bartow High 1983
Dorothy Perry Ridge Vo-Tech 1982
Beth Johnson Kathleen High (State Winner) 1981
Ed Vetter Kathleen High (State Finalist) 1980
Nell Thrift Lakeland High 1979
Bill Strouse Denison Junior High (State Finalist) 1978
Regena Berg Oscar Pope Elementary 1977
Hazel Miller Westwood Junior High 1976
Frank Satchel Jr. Mulberry High 1975
Ruth Wolfe Winter Haven High 1974
Evelyn Laurent Bartow High 1973
Richard Lewis Southwest Junior High 1972
Barbara Bishop Polk Avenue Elementary 1971
Robert Fisher Haines City High 1970
Thomas Bishop Lake Wales High 1969
Robert Fisher Haines City High 1969
Robert Fisher Haines City High (State Finalist) 1968

Previous District School-Related Employee of the Year Award Winners

Tiffany Berrien Rochelle School of the Arts 2022
Lisa Gill Jesse Keen Elementary 2021
Kay Llewellyn Dixieland Elementary 2020
Cynthia Wimberley Sandhill Elementary 2019
Margie Foreman James E. Stephens Elementary 2018
Maureen English Dundee Ridge Middle 2017
Maria Gomez Bartow High 2016
Jason Leatherwood Horizons Elementary 2015
Carlos Miguez George Jenkins High 2014
Janice Wyatt Churchwell Elementary 2013
Norma Reyes Purcell Elementary (State Winner) 2012
Fritz Paul Haines City High/International Baccalaureate 2011
Deanna Gambill Crystal Lake Elementary 2010
Cindy Wickham Dixieland Elementary 2009
Acela Lumpuy Southwest Middle 2008
Vernell White Boone Middle 2007
Pam Diaz Elbert Elementary 2006
Kris Hearn Frostproof Middle-Senior 2005
Sherry Abbott Union Academy 2004
Jean Davis Eagle Lake Elementary 2003
Brenda Varney Davenport School of the Arts 2002

2022 School Honorees

Teachers of the Year are listed first followed by
School-Related Employees of the Year


Alturas Elementary – TOY: Angela Cochran; SRE: Nicole Grubbs


Auburndale Central Elementary – TOY: Todd Butler; SRE: Michael D. Matthews
Auburndale Senior High – TOY: Aaron Bellwood; SRE: Jacquelyn Mulford
Clarence Boswell Elementary – TOY: Jennifer Towles; SRE: Alejandro Aranguren
East Area Adult Scool – TOY: Lori Cabrera; SRE: Jeanette Reese
Jere L. Stambaugh Middle – TOY: Shannon Herder; SRE: Fay Walker
Lena Vista Elementary – TOY: Sheila McCarty; SRE: Amelia Jacobo
Walter Caldwell Elementary – TOY: Courtney Howell; SRE: Michelle Lugo


Bartow Elementary Academy – TOY: Patricia Katsoulis; SRE: Ronald Duke Jr.
Bartow Middle – TOY: Carmen Bonilla Aponte; SRE: Russell Patterson Jr.
Bartow Senior High/IB/Summerlin – TOY: Lindsey Hanger; SRE: Cynthia Hall
Floral Avenue Elementary – TOY: Nancy Reynolds; SRE: Diana Tinker
Gause Academy of Leadership – TOY: Audrey Armstrong; SRE: Pamela Carter
James E. Stephens Elementary – TOY: Dr. Shaime Cortes Vega; SRE: Lottie Rabb
Jean O’Dell Learning Center – TOY: Amy Fitzgerald; SRE: Oscar Tamayo
Spessard L Holland Elementary – TOY: Shannon Bumpus; SRE: Leah Locklear
Union Academy – TOY: Beth Row; SRE: Aimee Fraker


Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy – TOY: Steven Foxworth; SRE: Brittany Armstrong
Davenport Elementary – TOY: Robynn Hamrick; SRE: Sandra Alls
Davenport School of the Arts – TOY: Amanda Smith; SRE: Donna Michalski
Horizons Elementary – TOY: Susan DeMan; SRE: Sandy Ruiz-Veguilla
Loughman Oaks Elementary – TOY: Melissa Gamache; SRE: Shannon DeGraaf
Ridge Community High – TOY: Philip Holt; SRE: Rosa Rentas Pagan


Donald E. Woods Opportunity Center – TOY: Giovanni Rivera Dominger; SRE: Ronda Forgiana
Dundee Elementary Academy – TOY: Viviene Squire; SRE: Lissette Reimundy
Dundee Ridge Middle Academy – TOY: James Rheaume; SRE: Juan Garcia

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake Elementary – TOY: Deanna Tribeck-Bolden; SRE: Tracy Walling
Lake Region High – TOY: Kent Viles; SRE: Ronald Hodnett
Pinewood Elementary – TOY: Sarah Parmer; SRE: Jessica Roberts

Fort Meade

Fort Meade Middle/Senior High – TOY: Elvin Hanna; SRE: Carol Shiver
Lewis Anna Woodbury Elementary – TOY: David Romero; SRE: Elizabeth Stocum
Lewis Elementary – TOY: Stella Hatton; SRE: Sheila Roberts


Frostproof Ben Hill Griffin Jr. Elementary – TOY: Jennifer Welch; SRE: Alice Stinson
Frostproof Middle/High School – TOY: Jennifer Clements; SRE: Jennifer Thompson

Haines City

Alta Vista Elementary – TOY: Laura Guzman; SRE: Leslie A Ramos
Bethune Academy – TOY: Mary Anhalt; SRE: William Beasley Jr.
Daniel Jenkins Academy of Technology – TOY: Tara Boucher; SRE: Lakeisha Gilbert
Eastside Elementary – TOY: Kellie Rogers; SRE: Linda Jones
Haines City Senior/Haines City IB – TOY: Martina White; SRE: Vernessa Kowlessar
Sandhill Elementary – TOY: Misty Rutledge; SRE: Hector Rentas
Shelley S. Boone Middle – TOY: Shecole Edwards; SRE: Taveeta Haynes

Highland City

Highland City Elementary – TOY: Haley Smith ; SRE: Lisa Branam

Lake Alfred

Karen M. Siegel Academy – TOY: Ashley Brannon; SRE: Eric Harrigan
Lake Alfred Elementary – TOY: Janee Jackson; SRE: Bonnie Horne
Lake Alfred Polytech Academy – TOY: Lana Cannon; SRE: Antolin Morales Caldero

Lake Wales

McLaughlin Middle & Fine Arts Academy – TOY: Teneka Downing; SRE: Christopher Massey
Roosevelt Academy – TOY: David Bartos; SRE: Marla Outlaw
Spook Hill Elementary – TOY: Jessica Sousa; SRE: Ronika Mincey


Bill Duncan Opportunity Center – TOY: Deborah Jones; SRE: Kellie Beckett
Carlton Palmore Elementary – TOY: Kristin Maldonado; SRE: Nicolas Diaz Lumpy
Cleveland Court Elementary – TOY: Jamie Monge; SRE: Kristina Clark
Combee Academy of Design and Engineering – TOY: Kelly Jones; SRE: Yadira Fuentes
Crystal Lake Elementary – TOY: Catherine Mack; SRE: Joanna Collier
Crystal Lake Middle – TOY: Jennifer Peacock; SRE: Pamela Cornelia
Dixieland Elementary – TOY: Beatriz Medina; SRE: Jon Rozier
Doris A. Sanders Learning Center – TOY: Linda Campbell; SRE: Aces Rempart
Dr. NE Roberts Elementary – TOY: Debbie Taylor; SRE: Amanda Monroe
Edgar L. Padgett Elementary – TOY: Kyle Murphy; SRE: Dalimar Ayala Figueroa
George W. Jenkins Senior High – TOY: Sherry Scott; SRE: Emily Higgins
Griffin Elementary – TOY: Adrianna Herbert; SRE: Rene Perez
Harrison School for the Arts – TOY: Amy Benningfield; SRE: Kelly James
Highlands Grove Elementary – TOY: April McWhirter; SRE: Laura Tanis
James W. Sikes Elementary – TOY: Lara Price; SRE: Roger Martin
Jesse Keen Elementary – TOY: Alyssa Rose; SRE: Norma Clark
Kathleen Elementary – TOY: Andrea White Borden; SRE: James Teixeira
Kathleen Middle – TOY: Amanda Fleming; SRE: Elana Tedrick
Kathleen Senior High – TOY: Steven Grasso; SRE: Terri Edinger
Lake Gibson Middle – TOY: Lori Baranowski; SRE: Crystal Myers
Lake Gibson Senior High – TOY: Jennifer Campbell; SRE: Roseline Vilsaint
Lakeland Highlands Middle – TOY: Kourtney Feagle; SRE: Deanna Ortiz
Lakeland Senior High – TOY: Debbie Allen; SRE: Frances Kenny
Lawton Chiles Middle Academy – TOY: Shelly Gerber; SRE: LeAnn Stalvey
Lincoln Avenue Academy – TOY: Monica Stoltz; SRE: Patsy Muzidal
Medulla Elementary – TOY: Virginia Aranda; SRE: Marlene Hudson
North Lakeland Elem. School of Choice – TOY: Jessica Curatolo; SRE: Cappie Walker
Oscar J. Pope Elementary – TOY: Keyshonna Kemp; SRE: Charlene Tributino
Philip O’Brien Elementary – TOY: Caren Hiam; SRE: Marie Sagnella
Polk GRAD Academy – TOY: Kimberly Morrison; SRE: Julie Williams
Polk Virtual School – TOY: Renee Vaughn; SRE: Keelie de Loera
R. Bruce Wagner Elementary – TOY: Shelley Camp; SRE: Lori Armstrong
R. Clem Churchwell Elementary – TOY: Kailyn Reynolds-Keller; SRE: Lisa Lindsay
R.E.A.L. Academy – TOY: Nathan Hatzer; SRE: Charysse Graham
Rochelle School Of The Arts – TOY: Ashley Lamb; SRE: Tiffany Berrien
Rosabelle W. Blake Academy – TOY: Dawn Thompson; SRE: Eileen Boatman
Scott Lake Elementary – TOY: Tracy SIngle; SRE: Iman Mustafa
Sleepy Hill Elementary – TOY: Oreen Hajec; SRE: Tammie Lott
Sleepy Hill Middle – TOY: Aric Kroon; SRE: Melodie Brown
Socrum Elementary – TOY: Teno Dawson; SRE: Jeanita Sykes
Southwest Elementary – TOY: Tiffany Beardsley ; SRE: Jessica Love
Southwest Middle – TOY: Samantha Surrency; SRE: Betty Goldwire
Tenoroc High – TOY: Lauren Gossen; SRE: Lawrence Young
Traviss Technical College – TOY: Christopher Hallock; SRE: Donna Pepper
Valleyview Elementary – TOY: Jessica Booker; SRE: Jessica Woodham
Wendell Watson Elementary – TOY: Meagan Watkins; SRE: Jessica Gainey
West Area Adult School – TOY: Matthew Wilkinson; SRE: Shirley McGinnis
Winston Academy of Engineering – TOY: Elizabeth Cox; SRE: Patricia Delise


Mulberry Middle – TOY: Carlos Garcia; SRE: Dale Thorpe
Mulberry Senior High – TOY: Courtney Brinton; SRE: Latarsha Jennings
Purcell Elementary – TOY: Alison Owens; SRE: Sherease Lewis


Lake Marion Creek Middle – TOY: Zoe Massas; SRE: Kesha Williams
Laurel Elementary – TOY: Norma E. Velez Arvelo; SRE: Jose Torres – Marrero
Palmetto Elementary – TOY: Almarys Ramos-Esteves; SRE: Carlos Torres

Polk City

Polk City Elementary – TOY: Catherine Ness; SRE: Paula Ureste

Winter Haven

Chain Of Lakes Elementary – TOY: Wendy Ulch; SRE: Clarissa Payano
Denison Middle – TOY: Natalie Chin-Watson; SRE: Roneiqua Wright
Elbert Elementary – TOY: Kyle Catrett; SRE: Courtney Haynes
Frank E. Brigham Academy – TOY: Penny Lundquist; SRE: John Winghart
Fred G. Garner Elementary – TOY: Takelia Moore; SRE: Lisa Barrios
Garden Grove Elementary – TOY: Danyel Ward; SRE: Christina Hernandez
Inwood Elementary – TOY: Christina Bass; SRE: Serena Dunn
Jewett Middle Academy Magnet – TOY: Lourdes Santiago Gutierrez; SRE: Josue Negron Rivera
Jewett School of the Arts – TOY: John Aaron Meyers; SRE: Nicole Carr
John Snively Elementary – TOY: Kimberly White; SRE: Veronia Calderon
Lake Shipp Elementary – TOY: Catherine Hughes; SRE: Scott Tanner
Ridge Technical Academy – TOY: Dawn Edinger
Ridge Technical College – TOY: Hilda Ringley; SRE: Wanda Desiree
Wahneta Elementary – TOY: Zulma Leon Bermudez; SRE: Adriana Cruz
Westwood Middle – TOY: Rochelle Hancock; SRE: Pamela Holman
Winter Haven Senior High – TOY: Austin Dollison; SRE: Gina Cea