As part of our strategic initiatives, Polk County Public Schools is committed to developing a student-centered learning community that values innovation, diversity and compassion, and ensures rigorous, relevant learning experiences for our students. These initiatives make us a great place to learn, live and work — and help us to attract and retain accomplished students, faculty and staff.

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A few things we think are good to know...

  • During the online application process, you will be assigned a reference number. This is your Polk County Public Schools application number.
  • For security reasons, after 15 minutes, if you have not made an entry on the application, you will be disconnected from our system and will have to log in again.
  • Our website uses standard encryption provided by Thawte Corporation to secure the data you transmit to us via the internet.
    • This is the industry-standard best practice for protecting internet transmissions.
    • Your application is password-protected, but it is your responsibility to ensure your password is complex enough so that it cannot be guessed.

There are five simple steps to apply for employment:

  1. Create your application
  2. Activate your application
  3. Complete your application
  4. Submit your application
  5. Browse job vacancies

Tips for the application process:

  • Our application system works best in the Chrome browser.
  • You can have only one account within our online application system. If you receive the message, “Your Social Security number is already in use,” that means you previously began an application. You need to use the email address that was originally associated with your Social Security number to log in.
  • If you forget your password, click “Forgot My Password” on the login page.
  • Use an email address you plan to use for at least one full calendar year. If you need to change your registered email address, submit the change request directly to qualitycounts@polk-fl.net. Include your original email address and the updated email address.
  • If you have self-disclosed information on your application pertaining to your criminal history, you must follow up with the Employee Relations department regarding your status. Call 863- 534-0786.
  • Add jobs@polk-fl.net as a safe sender in your email system so messages from us won’t go to your spam folder.
  • Make sure to carefully review the hiring requirements for the position you’re applying for.
  • Be sure to include accurate and up-to-date information on your application. Verify the names and numbers of references prior to listing them on your application.

Application Procedures







School Bus Drivers

  • Job Description
  • $13.40 per hour for appointed drivers; $10 per hour for substitute drivers
  • Health benefits

School Bus Attendants

  • Job Description
  • $9.14 per hour for appointed attendants; $8.25 per hour for substitute attendants
  • Health benefits

For bus driver or attendant application questions or assistance call, 863-534-7298.

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Collective Bargaining Agreements

Transfer Process

The bargained transfer process for all current Educational Support Personnel (ESP) and Paraeducators remains the same as past practice. The documentation needed for expressing interest and applying for a transfer is available via TheHub (Human Resource Services>Transfers>Forms).

Polk Education Association, Inc. (PEA) Collective Bargaining Agreements

How to Apply for a Custodial, Maintenance or Vehicle Services Position

Custodial positions listed on the “Non-Instructional Positions Currently Available” page are “permanent” positions and may be filled by individuals who are already employees of Polk County Public Schools. Anyone who is not an employee of the school district may apply for a substitute position and, once hired and trained, may bid on permanent positions. To become a substitute, simply complete the application. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email stating your application has been received. Once you have received confirmation, you may then contact Custodial Services at 863-534-0721.

Current AFSCME employees interested in applying for a position posted online must complete and submit a Bid/Transfer Form to fulfill the requirements of the application process.

If you are interested in applying for a custodial, maintenance, or vehicle services position, please complete an online application.

If you are applying for a custodial, maintenance or vehicle services position, please note that certain procedures must be adhered to in the employee selection process. Learn more by reviewing the AFSCME Contract Language from the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

For additional information, please call:

  • Northeast area: 863-632-3187
  • Southwest area: 863-519-8985
  • West area: 863-603-6203

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Collective Bargaining Agreements

Steps to Becoming a Paraeducator

Step 1: Applicants must submit documentation to credentialreview@polk-fl.net for either:

  1. College Credits — An AA degree from a regionally accredited institution (or 60 semester hours)
    • Submit official transcript(s). Electronic transcripts must come directly from the college or a transcript clearinghouse. 
    • Submit an official advanced degree transcript to the Office of Certification/NCLB Compliance, ATTN: Certification Office (Advanced Degree Supplement Review) via email; postal mail, PO Box 391, Bartow, FL 33831; or personal delivery, 1907 S. Floral Ave., Bartow, FL 33830.
  2. ParaPro Assessment — A passing score of 464 on the ParaPro Assessment Test

Step 2: Login and complete our online application.

Step 3: Browse openings and apply.

Transfer Process

The original bargained transfer process for all current Paraeducators and Educational Support Personnel (ESP) remains the same as past practice. The documentation needed for expressing interest and applying for a transfer is available via TheHub (Human Resource Services>Transfers>Forms).

Polk Education Association, Inc. (PEA) Collective Bargaining Agreements

Steps for Applying for a School Nutrition Position

Step 1: Review job description and complete the online employment application.

Step 2: Email your application reference number, full legal name and phone number to schoolnutritionjobs@polk-fl.net. You will immediately receive a response with further instructions.

Step 3: Supply copies of required documents to the hiring manager:

  • Proof of 10th grade education (mandatory, no exceptions)
  • Florida driver’s license or Florida ID card
  • Social Security card (do not fax or e-mail)

Required documents can be e-mailed, faxed or delivered in person:

Once your documents are reviewed and references have been verified, you may be selected for a prescreening interview.

*If you need assistance with English, please arrange to bring someone with you to translate. We can provide someone to translate Spanish to English if you make the request in advance.

Step 4: Check your e-mail for your scheduled interview time or a letter of non-selection based on document review. In most cases you will hear back within a week once you have submitted all required documents.

Step 5: Prescreening interview (if selected)

All employees start as substitutes and are eligible to apply for advertised vacancies.

Rate of Pay

  • Substitutes: Minimum wage
  • School nutrition assistants: $10.15/hour


Teacher, Paraeducator, and Clerical


School Nutrition

Bus Driver/Bus Attendant

Additional Employment Opportunities

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After-School Adventures

FAQ's and More...

What can I expect after submitting my application?

You will receive automated email notifications regarding your application status. You may search and apply for positions for which you are fully qualified. You may accept or decline interview invitations.

What questions will be asked about my criminal history?

Applicants must be prepared to share any and all criminal history and to respond to the questions posed within the online application. Please read this section in its entirety:

  • Have you ever been found guilty, entered a plea of nolo contendere (no contest), or had adjudication withheld in a criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation? (DUI IS NOT A MINOR TRAFFIC VIOLATION.) Are there any criminal charges pending against you?
  • The following are examples of criminal traffic offenses that must be reported: driving while under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs etc., fleeing to elude the police, driving with a suspended or revoked license, willful and wanton reckless driving (not careless driving), unauthorized possession of a forged/counterfeit or altered driver’s license, allowing an unauthorized operator to drive and certain “no valid driver’s license” charges. There are other criminal traffic charges that may require disclosure. Please refer to chapters 316 and 322 of the Florida State statutes or the statutes in the state in which you were cited to assess any additional criminal traffic convictions you may have to disclose.
  • SEALED or EXPUNGED records must be reported pursuant to §.943.0585 and 943.059, F.S. In Florida, the entire arrest record is revealed to school districts, including sealed and/or expunged records and military court proceedings. Applicants must disclose this information even if told differently by a lawyer, judge, or other law enforcement individual. Information that must be disclosed includes any offense that occurred whether as a juvenile or adult; therefore all adult and juvenile offenses must be listed. Failure to disclose all convictions, regardless of adjudication, will result in the applicant being barred from consideration for employment with Polk County Public Schools for a period of one calendar year from the date of discovery.
  • If all convictions are disclosed, but the accuracy of the information provided is in question, then it may cause denial of employment or termination if already employed. A YES or NO answer is required by Florida law. If you check the YES box, you must give the information requested for each charge.

Will my Social Security number be collected?

Per Florida Statute 119.071(5), this is to notify you of the purpose for collecting and utilizing your Social Security number. Providing your Social Security number is a condition of employment at Polk County Public Schools. To protect your identification, we will secure your Social Security number from unauthorized access, and strictly prohibit the release of your Social Security number to unauthorized parties.

Polk County Public Schools collects your Social Security number for legitimate business purposes during the recruitment, selection and hiring process. Once you are employed, your Social Security number will be used for completing state and federally mandated reports and actions that require such, including but not limited to the following:

  • Cost reporting [237.34 F.S.]
  • Employment application for determining certification eligibility [1012.56 F.S.]
  • Completion of federal I-9 form for the filing and issuance of federal employment forms [8 USC 1324a(b)]
  • Completion of federal W-4 form for filing and issuance of federal employment forms [8 USC 1324a(b)]
  • Florida Retirement Contribution Report [119.071(5)(a)6.b.]
  • Conducting criminal background screening [1012.56 F.S.]

The procedures for the security, privacy and retention of automated student and staff records shall be in accordance with the requirements of U.S.C 1232g(b)(3), 34 C.F.R. Part 99 and Section 1002.22.F.S.

School Board Policy – Employment Procedures

How do I request veterans’ preference?

Chapter 295, Florida Statutes, sets forth certain requirements for public employers to accord preferences, in appointment, retention and promotion, to certain veterans and spouses of veterans who are Florida residents. All veterans requesting veterans’ preference must complete the form below titled, “Veterans’ Preference,” and submit it, along with additional documentation such as DD Form 214, to the hiring administrator for each position for which he/she applies. Veterans’ Preference Form

How do I request accommodations?

If you require any type of accommodation to complete the application process due to a disability, please call the Office of Equity and Compliance in the Human Resource Services Division at 863-534-0781. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, please contact Polk County Public Schools by calling the Florida Relay Service at 1-800-955-8771.

Nondiscrimination Statement

The School Board of Polk County, Florida, prohibits any and all forms of discrimination and harassment based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, age, homelessness, or disability or other basis prohibited by law in any of its programs, services, activities or employment. To file concerns, you may contact the Office of Equity & Compliance, Human Resource Services, at 863-534-0513.

Polk County Public Schools is an equal opportunity institution for education and employment.

Drug Testing Policy Summary