Career and Technical Education

Career academies are small, personalized learning communities within a middle or high school that focus on a specific field of study, such as the health sciences, business, or aerospace. Students must apply and be accepted with parental knowledge and support. Many of our career academies have received national certifications.

Farmworker Program

The Farmworker Jobs and Education program, which assists migrant and seasonal farmworkers, serves eligible migrant and seasonal farmworkers age 14 through adult. The program assesses the needs of each individual and can provide various assistance such as: funding for technical training, job-related workshops, evaluation and testing, ESOL, Spanish and English GED assistance, job placement, counseling, and referrals.

Multiple Pathways

Multiple Pathways encompasses programs for adults to further their education. Students older than 16 can enroll at East Area Adult School or West Area Adult School to earn a high school diploma or GED. Our two technical colleges, Ridge and Traviss, provide secondary students with direct paths to the workforce, through affordable job training programs in areas such as the health sciences, cosmetology and more.

Virtual Program

Polk County Public Schools offers virtual school options for students at the elementary-, middle-, and high-school levels. Students may participate in part- or full-time instructional programs. Our virtual schools aim to equip students with the academic and technological skills they’ll need to succeed.

Program Services

Program services provides data and financial support for all Career, Technical, Adult and Multiple Pathways programs.