Polk County Public Schools updates this page as it sends school notifications based on information received from the Florida Department of Health.

Polk County Public Schools is committed to keeping the community
well informed as we reopen our campuses for the 2020-21 school year.

To see the latest data about the impact of the COVID-19 virus In Florida and Polk County go to the state department of health web dashboard.


Under our COVID-19 communication procedures, PCPS will send a mass message in the event of a confirmed positive case that impacts a school. These messages will be sent to that school’s parents and employees (including those from Campus eSchool) via the district’s automated telephone and email system (SchoolMessenger).

These messages will use consistent language, which was developed in conjunction with the Florida Department of Health in Polk County.

You can find more information about our COVID-19 communication procedures here.

PCPS students, staff and families can receive priority access to COVID-19 testing; please see this link for details.

This webpage — built in consultation with and guidance from the local health department — records when mass messages are sent on behalf of a school site.  Each line on the chart reflects a COVID-19 message that was issued for all of the listed schools — some schools share a campus, and some COVID-positive individuals may have been in contact with more than one school, resulting in a notification that covers multiple sites.**

PCPS students, staff and families can receive priority access to COVID-19 testing; please see this link for details.

**Note: Charter and private schools are responsible for their own communication procedures, and they are not included on this webpage.**

Dear families,

This message is to advise you about a situation impacting (SCHOOL NAME).

We are aware of (NUMBER OF INDIVIDUALS) at (SCHOOL NAME) who (HAS/HAVE) tested positive for COVID-19. Please note that The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other privacy laws restrict us from disclosing or confirming any personally identifiable information. We cannot identify anyone who has tested positive.

This message is not meant to alarm you. We know it is important to keep you informed during these uncertain times while also obeying federal and state laws that prohibit the release of confidential medical information.

Any students or staff members who have been in close contact with (THIS INDIVIDUAL/THESE INDIVIDUALS) will be directly contacted within 24 to 48 hours to discuss how long they should self-quarantine and other health-related instructions.

Any students who are directed to self-quarantine in response to this situation will temporarily switch to online learning through (SCHOOL NAME)’s Campus eSchool program until their quarantine has ended and they are cleared to return to campus for in-person instruction.


At this time, our school remains open for in-person instruction. We continue to work closely with the Florida Department of Health in Polk County, and follow their guidance on how to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment. Please contact the principal directly if you would like more information about our health and safety procedures.

We continue to encourage everyone to follow important best practices to prevent the spread of illness.

Thank you.

Date Message Sent One School Message Sent To Number of Confirmed Positive Cases Reported in Message
9/18/2020 Kingsford Elementary (1) One
9/17/2020 Southwest Elementary (1) One
9/17/2020 Auburndale High (1) One
9/17/2020 Davenport Elementary (1) One
9/16/2020 Frostproof Middle-Senior (1) One
9/16/2020 Winter Haven High (2) Two
9/16/2020 Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy (1) One
9/16/2020 Lake Alfred Elementary (1) One
9/15/2020 Boone Middle (1) One
9/15/2020 Horizons Elementary (1) One
9/15/2020 Churchwell Elementary (1) One
9/15/2020 Roosevelt Academy (1) One
9/15/2020 Elbert Elementary (1) One
9/14/2020 Winter Haven High (2) Two
9/14/2020 Sandhill Elementary (1) One
9/14/2020 Lakeland Highlands Middle (1) One
9/14/2020 Lake Alfred Elementary (3) Three
9/14/2020 Highlands Grove Elementary (2) Two
9/14/2020 Bartow Elementary Academy (1) One
9/13/2020 Kathleen Middle (1) One
9/13/2020 Lena Vista Elmentary (4) Four
9/13/2020 Stambaugh Middle School (1) One
9/13/2020 Garner Elementary (3) Three
9/12/2020 Frostproof Elementary (1) One
9/12/2020 Winston Academy (1) One
9/11/2020 Sleepy Hill Elementary (1) One
9/11/2020 Scott Lake Elementary (1) One
9/10/2020 Stephens Elementary (1) One
9/10/2020 Garner Elementary (1) One
9/10/2020 Kathleen High (1) One
9/10/2020 Bartow High, Summerlin Academy (1) One
9/10/2020 Lake Shipp Elementary (1) One
9/10/2020 Pinewood Elementary (1) One
9/9/2020 Wendell Watson Elementary (1) One
9/9/2020 Highland City Elementary (1) One
9/9/2020 Polk City Elementary (2) Two
9/8/2020 Lena Vista Elementary (1) One
9/8/2020 McLaughlin Middle (1) One
9/8/2020 Kathleen High (1) One
9/8/2020 Lakeland High (1) One
9/8/2020 Harrison School for the Arts, Lakeland High (1) One
9/8/2020 Haines City High (1) One
9/7/2020 Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy (1) One
9/7/2020 George Jenkins High, Scott Lake Elementary (1) One
9/7/2020 Wendell Watson Elementary (1) One
9/7/2020 Lake Region High (1) One
9/7/2020 Bartow IB (1) One
9/7/2020 Auburndale Central Elementary (1) One
9/6/2020 Fort Meade Middle-Senior (1) One
9/6/2020 Jesse Keen Elementary (2) Two
9/6/2020 North Lakeland Elementary (1) One
9/5/2020 Winston Academy (1) One
9/5/2020 Sleepy Hill Elementary (1) One
9/5/2020 Stephens Elementary (1) One
9/5/2020 Jean O’Dell Learning Center (3) Three
9/4/2020 Mulberry Middle School (2) Two
9/4/2020 Wendell Watson Elementary (1) One
9/4/2020 Kingsford Elementary (1) One
9/4/2020 Lakeland High, Harrison School for the Arts (2) Two
9/4/2020 Fort Meade Middle-Senior (2) Two
9/3/2020 Jean O’Dell Learning Center (1) One
9/3/2020 Garner Elementary (1) One
9/3/2020 Floral Avenue Elementary (1) One
9/3/2020 Chain of Lakes Elementary (1) One
9/3/2020 Spessard Holland Elementary (2) Two
9/3/2020 Lake Alfred Elementary (1) One
9/3/2020 Carlton Palmore Elementary (1) One
9/2/2020 Jean O’Dell Learning Center (1) One
9/2/2020 Fort Meade Middle-Senior (1) One
9/2/2020 Dundee Ridge Middle (1) One
9/2/2020 Boswell Elementary (1) One
9/2/2020 Winter Haven High (2) Two
9/2/2020 Garner Elementary (3) Three
9/2/2020 Lakeland High, Harrison School for the Arts (6) Six
Date Message Sent School Message Sent To Number of Confirmed Positive Cases Reported in Message
8/31/2020 McLaughlin Middle, Spook Hill Elementary, Summerlin Academy, Winter Haven High (1) One
8/31/2020 Lake Gibson Middle (1) One
8/31/2020 Sandhill Elementary (1) One
8/31/2020 Lakeland High/Harrison School for the Arts (4) Four
8/31/2020 Alturas Elementary (1) One
8/31/2020 Jean O’Dell Learning Center (1) One
8/30/2020 Lakeland High/Harrison School for the Arts (2) Two
8/30/2020 Denison Middle (1) One
8/30/2020 Alturas Elementary (2) Two
8/30/2020 Tenoroc High (1) One
8/30/2020 Garner Elementary (1) One
8/28/2020 Alta Vista Elementary (3) Three
8/28/2020 Bartow Middle (1) One
8/28/2020 Palmetto Elementary (1) One
8/28/2020 R. Clem Churchwell Elementary (1) One
8/28/2020 Walter Caldwell Elementary (1) One
8/27/2020 Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy (1) One
8/27/2020 Purcell Elementary (1) One
8/26/2020 Denison Middle, Chain of Lakes Elementary (1) One
8/26/2020 Jewett School of the Arts (1) One
8/25/2020 Bartow High, Bartow IB, Summerlin Academy (1) One
8/24/2020 Boone Middle (1) One