Certification Overview

Questions about becoming a certified teacher in Florida? Just ask the certification experts! The certification team is eager to assist you in accomplishing your goal of becoming a certified teacher.

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Professional Certificate Renewal Information

How to Renew Your Professional Certificate

Adding a Subject Area or Endorsement to a Teaching Certificate

Polk County Public School Employees

Adding a Subject Area or Endorsement to a Teaching Certificate

Charter School Employees

Testing Information

o   FTCE Testing Website:  www.fl.nesinc.com

o   FTCE Test Study Assistance:  https://polkschoolsfl.com/pd

o   FTCE Study Resources:  Provide a link to the attached information FTCE Study Resources

Upgrade to the Professional Certificate

Please follow the 3 Steps listed below to upgrade to the professional certificate when one of the following occurs:

  • During the last year of your temporary certificate (Expires in June of the current SY), or
  • All requirements listed on your SOE have been met.

Step 1: Go to Florida Department of Education’s website: https://flcertify.fldoe.org/datamart/login.do

Step 2: Log into your VERSA account.

Step 3: Choose the “Upgrade to Professional Certificate” application.

  • Complete the application

Include all coverages that are currently on your temporary certificate.

Document at least one year of teaching experience.

  •  Submit the application fee of $75.00 directly to the FLDOE.