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Career Academies

Career Academies

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Small, personalized learning communities within a high school that equip students with job skills and ready them for success in the workforce. Students enter the academy through a voluntary process; they must apply and be accepted with parental knowledge and support.

PCPS Open Enrollment Information

Open enrollment for priority consideration for magnet and choice schools is now closed. Notification of acceptance for priority applicants were sent via email and Parent Portal alert on March 28, 2022.

If you did not apply during the priority window and wish to apply for a career academy, there will be a second opportunity to apply for any available career academy seats after the close of Controlled Open Enrollment in April. Paper applications will be available at all schools. Directions for submission are included on the application.

High school students that were enrolled in an academy had a higher average GPA than students who are not enrolled in an academy

Approximately 56% of Polk County’s high school students are enrolled in an academy

Polk's high school career academy students earned more Dual Enrollment credit and Industry Certifications than students who were not enrolled in an academy

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