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Polk County Public Schools proudly announces the pilot season of an exciting new extracurricular program: PCPS Esports! The popularity of competitive video gaming — or esports (electronic sports) — is undeniable. Professional gamers are facing off against each other in tournaments with spectators packing arenas and millions more watching online. Polk County students can now participate and experience this competition for themselves.

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PCPS Esports is currently available at six schools: Frostproof Middle-Senior, Kathleen High School, Lake Gibson High School, Lake Region High School, Ridge Community High School, and Roosevelt Academy.

This program is officially part of the district’s Athletics department, and holds the same status as all athletic events. PCPS Esports student-athletes must follow the same high expectations (in academics, attendance, conduct) to participate.

Inaugural teams have already been formed at the six designated schools. However, open tryouts are being planned for the future. If your child is interested and attends one of these six schools, please contact (CONTACT NUMBER OR EMAIL HERE).


  • Esports as a competitive event has swept the world and is one of the fastest growing industries around the globe.
  • Esports is inclusive in bringing together players of all backgrounds and physical abilities.
    Esports encourages many lifelong and in-demand skills: problem solving, cooperation, collaboration, communication, and learning to win and lose gracefully.
  • Esports brings together the wider school community: video streaming and match shoutcasters (commentators), esports reporting and journalism, statistical analysis, marketing, fan merchandise production, and more.
  • Esports has been introduced in both undergraduate and graduate programs and offers new scholarship opportunities. In Polk County, Florida Southern College, Southeastern University, and Keiser University all offer esports programs.
  • PCPS Esports was developed through a collaboration between the district’s Athletics, Instructional Technology, Instructional TV (ITV), Career & Technical Education (CTE), and IT departments.


Rocket League

PCPS Esports is launching with competitions featuring the videogame “Rocket League.”

This game is described as “soccer with rocket-powered cars.” Each match is five minutes, with two teams of three players each. A sudden death overtime occurs if the match ends in a tie.

Rocket League has an ESRB rating of E (for Everyone)

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Scholarship Listings

Esports can help you pay for college! Learn how you can get paid to play.

Scholarship Guides

What kind of games can lead to scholarships? How do you get recruited for esports? What colleges offer scholarships? Learn this and more!

College Varsity Esports

Find out what colleges/universities provide varsity esports programs and scholarships.

Scholarship Help

Talk to your school counselor if you have questions about any of the following:

  • Scholarship opportunities
  • School-specific scholarships
  • Application process
  • More help with locating scholarships or colleges
  • Dan Talbot, Director
  • Jason Montgomery, Curriculum Specialist, Physical Education
Instructional Technology
  • Laura Sawyer, Senior Manager
  • Eddy Varela, III, TRST
Instructional Television
  • John Dittle, Supervisor
  • Justin Phillips, Apple Support and Technology Trainer Specialist
  • Kyle Condon, Apple Support and Technology Trainer Specialist
Career & Technical Education
  • Cornelius Jackson, TRST